Is it safe to travel to Greece

Greece is a place with rich culture and a history that has enticed and drawn visitors from around the world to its shores for many years. It’s no wonder it is a dream destination for any traveler. Is it safe to travel to Greece? However, before you can make your dream come true, there are some rules that you might want to know so you don’t unknowingly offend anyone while enjoying your time in the Mediterranean country of Greece.

Greece is a beautiful European country with a rich history. It’s no wonder that people from around the world have been drawn to its shores for over two millennia, with every day resonating with new historic landmarks across the country. Simply put, there’s truly much to do and see in Greece! Here are some tips before traveling to explore one of these spots.

Ancient Greece was home to some of the most influential and well-known pieces of architecture and writing that people know about to this day. The ruins still standing throughout the nation are a testament to the architectural brilliance of many generations, as well as a stunning backdrop for any vacation photos or videos. All travelers should see these monuments at least once in their lives – but before you do, keep this list next to your travel documents.

Check some important things.

  1. Don’t Wear Those Killer Heels Here
  2. What About Cut-offs?
  3. Don’t Drop Your Drawers
  4. Careful In The Streets
  5. They Take HIV Testing Very Seriously
  6. Greeks Bearing Gifts
  7. Cash Cow
  8. Bum Bin…
  9. Talking With Hands
  10. Gesturing Continued
  11. Call Of The Wild
  12. If It’s Yours, It’s Yours
  13. Drinks All Round
  14. Question?
  15. When Shopping…
  16. Eat It Up
  17. The Club Scene

If you’re going to tour the ancient historical sites of Greece, prepare to have some fun and wear comfortable shoes. In fact, if you want to explore the Acropolis Museum or the Olympieion you will be expected to park your heels at the door. The Greek government has banned the wearing of stilettos in this sma.

Those ornate historical sites are best explored by feet and not heels. In fact, the Greek government has already issued a ban on wearing high heels while you meander through various ancient and historical spots in Greece. The latter explained, “Female visitors wearing unsuitable shoes must refrain from entering the historic areas and follow the itinerary that is proposed to them in order to avoid any damages to the monuments due to their inappropriate footwear.”

Leaving the tattered jeans and faded Metallica t-shirts at home, it’s better to dress properly when going to a Greek church or monastery. Whether you’re male or female, knees and shoulders must be covered. In some churches, more conservative clothing is available for purchase.

While visiting Greece, make sure you wear clothing that is both modest and appropriate in a variety of religious settings such as Greek Orthodox Churches which can be found throughout the country. While at some popular sites where tourists often frequent, appropriate modest clothing is also available for purchase while some of the more traditional sites will demand more formality. Modesty and religious decorum are essential elements of Greek culture, so writing this information directly into your product’s description may meet the expectations of your target audience who may be looking to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment.

If you are the type of traveler that tends to engage in risque antics, it may be best for you to avoid pulling such a stunt on your next vacation in Greece. This might sound surprising, but such activity is actually considered a crime there and you could face a fine and imprisonment if you do get caught indulging in this act while abroad.

Few places in the world are less forgiving of a moon than Greece. In fact, you might even end up spending several days in jail for making eyes at one of your fellow travelers in this beautiful country.

If you’re the type who likes to moon your buddies, you should resist the urge in Greece. In fact, it’s a criminal offense and could land you with a fine or even time in jail if you’re caught committing such an act.

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