How to draw fashion sketches

Just as an artist’s paint is important when creating their art, and a mathematician’s equations are integral to the development of their theories, medical science is what would make it possible for doctors to carry out curative procedures. How to draw fashion sketches use illustrations to help communicate design concepts and bring them into reality, but more than that fashion illustration is what brings the design project from conceptualization all the way through to realization.

​ Fashion illustration is a visual expression of the designer’s creative vision that communicates how the design concept was born. It allows for easy visualization for those who may not be familiar with your brand and serves as an important starting point in creating garments from your design. ​

Fashion illustration can be seen as being just as important to the fashion industry as the paint is to an artist, equations are to a mathematician, and medicine is to a doctor. This particular element in the fashion world acts as the voice of designers while communicating their design visions to viewers. Fashion illustrations propel design ideas from conceptualization to realization.

Fashion sketches vs fashion illustrations

Every garment design begins on paper, just like fashion sketches. A fashion sketch is often the first step in bringing your creations to life; you could almost call it a blueprint for the design. These sketches are accompanied by figures and their core purpose is to communicate your design and all of its technical elements, such as the fit and length of the garment, to the viewer.

Illustrations are an important part of any design. Fashion illustrations in particular are a visual representation of a fashion concept or item and can be called the blueprint for any fashion design. A far more detailed take on sketches and fashion illustrations is created to showcase your clothing line; their core purpose is to explain how your clothing will look and fit on a person.

Every design begins as an idea. Whether you are the one who drew it or someone in your team, your design can be visually expressed with a great fashion sketch. The purpose is – surprise, surprise! – to communicate your design and all its technical elements such as the length of the garment and fit for the viewer.

How to draw fashion sketches

Step 1:

Draw the shape of your garment

The silhouette is the total visual look of your garment. Consider what kind of fit you want and whether it’s fitted or oversized.

The shape of the garment determines how it drapes on your body. It is important to take note of this prior to buying patterns and materials. While some shapes include fitted and oversized garments, others may include box-cut type silhouettes. They are designed with rectangular shapes resulting in boxy fits for example.

Step 2: 

Add design details

Without detailed designs, a garment can’t exist. Accurate and beautiful designs make people understand what they wear. Details of the design are referring to functional seams, and decorative pleats. Frills, closures like buttons and zips, necklines, collar, and pockets details. It’s essential for a unique selling point.

Most clothing is manufactured by tailoring a pattern to fit a given set of dimensions that ensures that the overall cut of the gown or shirt is flattering to a wearer’s body. By doing this, one can easily integrate into the garment details like buttons on the sleeves and cuffs, pockets in front, as well as any other of these types of decorative accents sewn into a piece to give it more detail and make it more beautiful.

Clothing and accessories should be tailored to be functional as well as visually pleasing. Both details in design and stitch give life to a creative design and educate the consumer on how they can use what you’re creating.

Step 3: 

Refine the sketch

It’s important to remove all aspects of the card that aren’t rated as a four or above. You can notice that in this picture, only one aspect was removed and the rest of them were painted over. This is because we did not have time to re-write/redo the other aspects that didn’t make the cut.

How to draw fashion illustrations

To successfully convey a design through fashion illustration, it’s important to speak the same language. This means learning how to create nine-head figures (think of them as bodies with 9 heads!). Draw your garment design on the body, and render it based on certain fabrics, textures, and prints.

you’ll first want to learn how to express yourself in the language of fashion. For starters, this involves learning how to create a 9-head figure and accurately render your design so it’s true to the likeness of the pattern and textile, down to every detail.

This means creating a nine-head figure, drawing your garment design on the figure, and rendering your illustration to portray a certain textile, texture, or print.

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