How to start a fashion blog

What makes you your brand’s favorite person? What’s your favorite food, and why? The easiest way to define a style is by writing it down on paper and then checking it against what I think yours should look like, or at least look exactly alike. It will change your outlook on what makes an ideal human being but it will also help you focus on how what you wear can speak volumes about who you are and can reveal something about who you are. How to start a fashion blog.

One that helps with this is books from your childhood. These should outline your family’s values. Here’s just one example where you have the opportunity to see that when you put together pieces in certain ways, they all connect with others. This piece looks at two pieces of clothing and discusses their similarities, but it’s much clearer because this process was done over time. And so we get to go through parts in a piece of clothing for a number of reasons. That is key to making sure the piece flows nicely.

If you like brands like Dior or Chanel, find out how these guys started and what made them successful. Find out if they had any input with the creation of that item. If they started it, did they have any input on its design? Did those influences impact their decision-making? Find out how they worked with artists, designers, and designers to bring them to life. When a piece was created, what made you look good there, and what was your favorite part of wearing it?

If you don’t know anything about fashion, find out what influenced your designs and your inspiration. For instance, my mother loved playing dress-up with her daughters. She didn’t grow up to play dress-up all the time. Her daughter would love to take her to the grocery store to pick out what she wanted, which would be a whole outfit. So she didn’t even want to just buy that one pair of jeans. She wanted an entire wardrobe, outfits, and pieces that would work. She wanted clothes that spoke to her identity.

When looking at a piece of clothing, whether it be a bag or shoes, try to make sense of it on your own terms. Look at the piece to figure out what works best with your body shape or skin tone, or look at your favorite pieces and try to use what makes them work. Even though you won’t always agree with every aspect of a piece you see, there are many ways to turn it into “your thing.”

For instance, let me show you what looks great on me. There are several things that could work on a particular piece, but they all speak for themselves. Say you have the legs length, shorter than the other half, short in the middle, and tall in the back. You put a leg front on top of the lower portion and vice versa, and you give something in the center of the legs more length, making it longer in the upper portion while still giving the length back to both ends. I like having one piece that lets one side be a bit longer and the other a bit shorter while making one element shorter while still holding the opposite element slightly. When you create something that has a lot of depth, your feet are going to be able to fit it. However, when you make something tall, the legs are going to need to give it support because it’s not comfortable in the long run. But when both sides of the leg are shorter and the height is pushed further toward the toes, a heel is needed to give the rest of the foot room to move around so that it’s more comfortable in the long run. Both of these pieces work for me to make me feel taller without making me lose my balance and have it fall. This gives me flexibility and mobility.

And so now that you have your own pair of glasses, let’s say you don’t really know why you chose to wear them. Maybe it was a trend and you kept seeing it everywhere, or maybe it’s due to your job. Perhaps it’s due to your mom’s advice that you should be a bit taller. Whatever it is, go with your heart. Your style is based on your personality and what makes you feel happy. Your personal definition of beauty includes having curves and looking like an animal if that’s a part of your identity, but your personal definition of what makes you look good should include more than just curvy. Think back on your past and find your favorite piece you have ever worn, and why. Now, if you found a piece that speaks to you, that is perfect, you know the answer right away. Then you can put it on display and share it with the world. As your audience expands, make a few new pieces you hope to get featured in and start sharing them with the public too. Take note of all the future posts on making an excellent post, including tips for better images. And remember to always share the pieces that speak to you not only with friends, family, and your community but with people who aren’t on social media, like Medium. Let us all know who does a good job and who doesn’t.



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