How to become a Disney travel agent

I once worked as an elementary school teacher who worked in the book store department. My job was the fun part of my day because it gave me the opportunity to interact with people that did not have any experience before. As far as being a kid who didn’t want to do homework, it was a tough job… until I met my husband. He is the best person on Earth, and he knows where anything is in detail and how to pay for things. The thing that makes this relationship special is that we still talk about our days and what happened that day. Check to become a Disney travel agent.

That one lesson from the year 2000 when my spouse and I retired caused him to write a memo for me which I used as a place to call every now and then so I could be reminded to take care of myself so I would not need to worry about his responsibilities anymore. Yes, there was more work to be done and we had to make money, but we still managed it. Our children were amazing, and they were able to do their own jobs and earn money.

I love my life. As Walt Disney said during his “Beauty and the Beast” movie: “Be yourself, and others will follow.” Now how can I be my best self and others will follow?

Becoming a Disney travel agent is not only challenging, but it is also rewarding! When I worked at my last employer, I learned many valuable lessons about life. Most importantly, it taught me that there is always a chance for growth because everyone has a different journey. If they just want to read or watch something, it might take them longer than if they wanted to go see a Hollywood movie or Broadway show. So, what are my chances? It’s simple: Do I want to learn new skills? Of course! We take courses we don’t need to take and put them together and get degrees to keep busy. At the same time, we have other priorities which include raising our kids, teaching children, doing business, and managing our finances. So, even though all of these work, we still manage.

But let’s stop right now and start to look into how to become a Disney travel agent. There are two ways to become a Disney travel agent: you can either buy a license or teach for a living. Let’s look into each one separately and see each one’s advantages and disadvantages.

How Can You Be A Good Tour Guide?

When I first started on my vacation tour, I quickly realized the hardest part was actually getting lost! All of the guides did everything they possibly could, and it took months of repetition. They knew exactly where we were going and how to get there, but sometimes it wasn’t obvious enough, so a few hours went by and no location was found. Sometimes tourists would walk up the wrong street and end up parking themselves. Then there are some local streets, where you can easily miss your desired destination. In those cases, most of these tours are canceled due to poor planning and lack of planning.

So, I started searching online. That leads us to search engines such as TripAdvisor, Google, etc. and we came across sites like Disneyland Travel Agency and Disneyland Travel Brokers. There was a listing for the California Adventure Parks (CAPAs), so that led me to check out their website.

When I got there, I looked through pages called the “Disneyland Business,” “K-12 Tours,” and “Disney Business Online” and saw all kinds of information out there. Not too bad to start, isn’t it? But what I noticed was that there is a lot of red tapes to take advantage of. Many parks require reservations, but not all parks have reservation times, so you have to wait until the park opens in order to take tickets. Some of the places were closed when they opened due to COVID-19 issues, and that means you have no idea as to when the park is open.

How do I become a good tour guide? Here comes the difficult part: “How do I become a better Disney travel agent?” Before you get angry, trust me, and don’t forget that this doesn’t mean that you aren’t supposed to sell out your vacation. No, it’s okay to give tours when there are no available options.

You will need to figure out what your goal is for your trip, and figure out how you plan to accomplish it. For example, I personally planned to spend my entire visit shopping in Target because I enjoy finding new items. So, while taking pictures at Target (and trying the coupons) and shopping around, I became very well known among my fellow tourists. On my trips, I was given permission from customers to get out of the hotels. When you aren’t allowed to be seen in front of guests, it can seem odd to be alone in your hotel room. Luckily for me…I grew up somewhere where the neighbors would help. And guess who needs assistance? Your friends and family! It will take years to reach this point, just like my Disney career growth, but once you’re there, you’ll realize that this is worth it.

What kind of training do I need to obtain a Disney travel agent license or certificate? Fortunately for me, you don’t have to have that type of training. You never know when a tourist will suddenly go to the mall instead of Disney World. In fact, I am currently training a guest that wants to take classes, and I’m very positive he will be happy that I am continuing to make a difference in his life. Although not required, I would like to tell you that I’m not a licensed Disney travel agent. However, as a side note, this means that I am NOT authorized to advise or represent anyone or anything related to vacation.

How Much Does Training Cost?

I would suggest you look into the cost of training. One of the biggest costs can come down to having someone take pictures of your vacation. Having great photography equipment is nice, and I believe the photobloggers will be willing to charge almost $20 per hour, so that should be $24 per hour plus a bonus for tips on camera gear. Other places vary from the photos, so I would recommend contacting them beforehand or learning what types of shots you need to take in order to have a truly unique experience.

Another expense includes receiving a standard copy of your vacation package, and it is usually $12-$10. This can be quite expensive so be sure to take full advantage of discounted packages to save on your trips! Also, you would need to purchase some software or a program to take online vacations, or you will have to take some time off work to go learn. Hopefully, it never ends up costing as much as it does! Now that’s another reason why you shouldn’t go on a big cruise or something like a tropical resort and expect to run away from home in less than 24 hrs.

Also, remember your trip has a budget. Will your family and friends be bringing their cars to make it to your vacation? Do you need a car? Is it a bus ride to your hotel? Are your hotel rooms full?

So, whether you’re traveling to Disneyland or Florida Blue Water State Park-St. Augustine, just remember that everything else comes on top of everything that you planned! What you set out to do is to create memories by making them happen. You can do this by spending your day and looking for things to do that may not have been on your original itinerary: hiking, swimming, biking, seeing animals, enjoying cocktails and coffee, walking along streams…it’s all possible!


When I was 18, working as a middle school teacher became the greatest adventure in my life. Just so you know what I’m about to say, working as a cartoon animator wasn’t that much of an adventure for me. Working in a bookstore, however, made me the happiest girl in town.

To prepare me for the magic of working as a Pixar employee, I had to study under one of the world’s greatest masters in animation, Steve Jobs, in 1992. Seeing firsthand that, I decided to be independent. After graduating high school, I left for college.

I chose to pursue my bachelor’s degree in graphic design. While studying, I made a blog for my personal interest – cartooning. It just so happens that Cartoon Network was in existence by then and the internet was growing at rapid speed. If I had waited until after graduation to start blogging, I wouldn’t have the income I needed to work as a Disney travel agent. Unfortunately, the company shut down my account. I tried multiple times, posting regularly, hoping to find a way to get back my account. Finally, in 2014, I got on YouTube and began uploading videos from the studio’s press conference. Since that moment I’ve been fascinated by Disney movies and storytelling.

Now, I’m 34 years old. I have a small dog named Teddy, and I have been making money since 2013 as a freelance content writer as well as a freelancer. Recently I was contacted by the head office at Warner Bros. and asked if I can become a Disney travel agent for them. Upon meeting with her, she told me that it would take three to four years to get to the level of an assistant manager, and I must be ready for that. She also mentioned that there is no official Disney training required and that I need to earn my license via online schooling. The next step for me is to enroll in an undergraduate course that teaches me how to be a Disney travel agent. Lastly, once I enroll in college and finish my degree, I may consider moving

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