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Travel Savvy Mom Blog is a one-stop resource for everything related to travel. Whether you are looking for hotel reviews, travel accessories, or advice on how to travel with little ones. The Savvy Mom Blog offers practical, been-there, done-that Travel advice as well as evaluations of hotels, resorts, travel accessories, and toys. She has been traveling with her two kids for the last 5 years. She’s helped raise over $1 million for victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and is a regular speaker at digital events.

Diverse content is something that you will never be bored of when reading Travel Savvy Mom Blog. One day, you might find a post about the best family destinations in the world, and the next day, you might find a review about a new product. This blog is written by a mom who travels with her husband and two children – Jane and Jack. You will never know what you’ll find next on Travel Savvy Mom! Jane is 8 years old, and Jack is 13. As Jane grows up, she’s always looking for ways to add more balance to her life and find new adventures. Along the way, she shares her thoughts about parenting, marriage, work-life balance, and everything in between.

Tips & Tricks On The Right Time To Visit Disneyland- With The Entire Family

The first travel for The Savvy Mom and her family was to Disneyland. The idea had been suggested to her by another mother who traveled often and she began making preparations with the assumption that her kids would enjoy it. When looking for information on Disneyland, she found that it had been created in 1955 by a man named Walt Disney. It quickly became a popular destination for people from all over the world. Many parents found it difficult to take their children on such a big adventure, but The Savvy Mom was determined to make it work.

For most people, Disneyland is the epitome of happiness. But for one woman, also a mom, the trip to Disneyland would not only be fun but also informative. She would get to see how her children reacted to different stimuli and learn more about how they interacted with other people and in new environments.


When Jane and Jack traveled from New York to California to visit Disneyland. They were mesmerized by the magic of the theme park. From the rides to the food, everything about Disneyland was incredible. Their parents had a wonderful time watching them experience all that the park had to offer.

Disneyland was amazing! The app made it so easy to plan our day and we loved being able to refill our water bottles at the park’s water fountains. Mobile ordering was Super simple and quicker than standing in line. We didn’t have to do any walking, which was awesome. The rides were super fun and the water slides were so easy to go down. The kids loved all of the games they had available and also played with their stuffed animals on a blanket.

Travel Savvy Mom’s Tips: Disneyland

  • Traveling with kids can be a lot of fun, but it can also be nerve-wracking. That’s why Travel Savvy Mom recommends buying tickets online before you visit Disneyland. By buying tickets online, you can avoid long lines and the hassle of carrying around cash or credit cards. Plus, you’ll have more time to enjoy the rides and attractions with your kids.
  • Disneyland in the summertime is an ideal destination for those with young children. The weather is always mild and there are a ton of activities designed specifically for kids. Plus, it’s easy to find ways to beat the heat with a swimsuit, the water park, and the pool. You’ll find that there’s so much to do that you won’t have time to get bored!
  • Travel Savvy Mom knows that if you want to be the first one at the gates to Disneyland, it pays to stay in a Resort Hotel. That way, you can go through the security screening meant just for hotel guests before anybody else gets into the park.
  • The last and most crucial step is to remember your snacks and water. This cannot be stressed enough. Having food and drinks for yourself as well as your kids will not only reduce stress, but also save time (just no glass bottles). A tip is to request free ice water at a restaurant. If you forget, don’t worry, filling stations and water fountains are always an option.

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