The most affordable places to travel

The world is an affordable place to visit. Regardless of the continent, there are always affordable options. You just need to know where to look and what methods to use when planning your trip. While it’s our goal to visit places around the world, not all destinations are affordable for us. Therefore we should choose where to go very carefully because there’s nothing worse than a vacation that costs more than you planned (who doesn’t hate surprises like that?).

My last trip cost me $2,500 and this doesn’t include anything I bought in the locations visited. I wanted to share some tips with anyone who is planning a low-budget journey so they don’t have to do what I did and wonder if they made the right choice.

10 Best most affordable places to travel

  1. Fiji
  2. Central America
  3. Cambodia
  4. China
  5. South Korea
  6. India
  7. Eastern Europe
  8. Portugal
  9. Australia
  10. Thailand

Defined the 5 most affordable places

  • Fiji

While it may be more famous and expensive than the other island states, the Fiji Islands are a relaxing and beautiful vacation spot. With less of an American tourist presence and tons to do around every corner – Fiji is great for those who want to see nature in its unfiltered state.

While there are plenty of luxurious resorts along the coast, you can also enjoy many quaint local beaches with white sandy beaches and turquoise-blue waters. For those who need a bit of fun, there are plenty of water sports onshore: scuba diving, swimming, jet skiing, surfing – but the best way to experience it all is by kayaking out into the sea!

Tourists are generally under the false impression that Pacific Island destinations tend to be expensive when really this isn’t always the case at all. Fiji for example, often thought of as a tiny remote island, is actually cheaper than its larger more touristy neighbors. While there are many expensive resorts, with views of crystal blue waters and beds filled with fluffy white pillows and cozy blankets to die for, if you do a little research you will find it’s possible to get around and save money without going into debt by trying out some of Fiji’s chain hotels instead.

Pacific island countries may seem like luxury travel destinations but in actual fact, they are not that expensive to visit, contrary to public perception. Islands such as Fiji, while it’s known for their beautiful resorts and high-priced hotels, are actually reasonably priced to stay at and travel around.

While you definitely can enjoy staying at a $1000/night resort near a white-sand beach if that’s what you’re looking for (and there are some impressive ones), it is possible to save money by simply checking Airbnbs for example, or other more economical accommodations. While prices in Fiji might be higher than say, the US or Australia, you can still manage to find great value for your money by doing some research beforehand and planning accordingly.

  • Central America

Central America is a region consisting of seven small countries that can cause a tourist to feel like they’re in the middle of nowhere – without all the normal hassles. Here one can find many budget-friendly accommodations ranging from $15-$40 per night, most meals for $3, bus rides around the area for $2, and beer for approximately a dollar.

Looking for something different to do this summer? Visit the bigger cities in Central America. There you can enjoy typical American food, drinks, and night entertainment without the same cost as in big US cities. Enjoy a delicious chicken burrito for $3 – hot dogs are also cheap! Enjoy a specially designed beer at bars/cafes. You’ll find that you can easily get by on around $20 per day if you travel using public transportation (trains, buses) or have a bike of your own to get around town on. Your wallet and stomach will thank you!

  • Cambodia

Cambodia has such incredible food that even Anthony Bourdain called it one of the best places for a food binge and some of the best street vendors in the world are based out of Cambodia. While it might not be considered as cheap (in comparison to other countries in Southeast Asia) it’s still one of the more affordable destinations to travel to. When you combine all this with pristine beaches, ancient temples, and lots more there is no wonder why so many backpackers flock to Cambodia every year!

Southeast Asia is one of the most popular tourist destinations, but Cambodia is a very affordable choice for backpacking. A private, air-conditioned room in Phnom Penh can cost around $20 and the country’s very diverse scenery makes it an interesting place to visit. While it’s sometimes difficult to get from A to B, transport on a $20 daily budget can be arranged, and food is generally cheap too. There are lots to see and do in this friendly tropical nation with its crumbling Angkor temples that date back hundreds of years!

Cambodia is one of my favorite countries in Southeast Asia. Although Cambodia can be considered expensive, it’s still quite affordable and inexpensive compared to other neighboring countries like Laos or Vietnam. The street food price range fluctuates between $1 – $2 USD while a private, air-conditioned room can cost around $20 USD per night at guesthouses with breakfast included!

However, there are also some luxury hotels that cost over $200 USD per night. Transportation services are everywhere, the taxis run 24 hours a day and they have designated stops throughout their route. Cambodian cities have multiple options when it comes down to choosing where you won’t go, whether it be by tuk-tuk or by songthaew.

  • China

China was always known as one of the best travel destinations in Asia.  Outside of its main urban centers though, transportation costs even more money and this is where you would want to spend some extra cash; It’s better to rent a car instead of taking trains and buses because they’ll cost a lot more money.

There’s no need to re-start all over again, but you’ll have to do a bit of research first, especially online. There are a lot of travel destinations that haven’t been visited yet which are very attractive and interesting. It is crucial for you to look at the costs before setting off since all expenses run high. It will be best for you if a travel agency offers you a beautiful vacation pretty cheaply rather than having a dull adventure.

  • South Korea

South Korea is a country we can all be assured of its economic advancement and pop culture for the last decade or so. If you’re looking for a different experience from the crowded cities such as Seoul, Busan, Incheon, or Daegu, there is still plenty to explore in South Korea with some of the best food around. The language alone would come as a pleasant surprise as it would also spawn from various dialects!

It’s no secret that South Korea’s premium culture has attracted millions of tourists every year to its beautiful landscape and why shouldn’t it? One could get a lot out of this visit like experiencing amazing Korean BBQ (which I’m sure would be an eye-opener) not forgetting the affordable traveling expenses (good ol’ No.1) while you’re at it.

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