Why Do Bodybuilders Tan

Bodybuilders use a lot of fake tan to make themselves look good under stage lights. The tan highlights their muscle definition and makes them look more attractive. However, Why Do Bodybuilders Tan in way. Some people may not realize that the use of fake tan is so prevalent in the bodybuilding community.

It highlights muscle definition

Arguably the most important reason that bodybuilders use spray tans, or perhaps a tanning bed, is because the dark colors make muscles appear more prominent.

This is vital for bodybuilding competitions, so it makes sense that competitors would use whatever legitimate advantage they can. For this reason, many competitors use tanning products to help them achieve a more natural look.

It makes you appear slimmer

Some people believe that having darker skin can help with the appearance of a slimmer body, especially when it comes to bodybuilding competitions. The idea is that the darker color will create an illusion of less fat around the waist area. However, this benefit is only properly realized. When the person’s body fat percentage is below 10%. For most high-level competitive bodybuilders, this is the case. The dark skin tone can help make their body look as lean as possible for the judges.

It holds up against bright lights

The lights used on the bodybuilding stage can often create an intense and harsh look, which can be especially unflattering for those with lighter skin tones. To combat this, many bodybuilders will use bronze tans to create a stage-ready physique on competition day. This way, their natural skin color won’t be as washed out under the bright lights.

This is also why bodybuilders use so much fake tan. They want their skin to look good under the harsh lights, and having a dark tan helps to prevent the bright lights from washing out their skin tone and affecting their scores from the judges.

It increase confidence

Competitive bodybuilders often times look to a fresh spray tan to give them the confidence they need when stepping on stage. This is due to the fact that a darker skin tone can sometimes signify confidence. Being confident is an important factor in these competitions because bodybuilders are flexing their muscles under bright lights while wearing very little clothing.

Being physically fit and having a great stage presence are two important factors that bodybuilders are judged on. They need to make sure that they are confident when competing in order to do well.

It’s part of the industry

In the bodybuilding industry. Having a good fake tan is now seen as essential to success. Many competitors use fake tans, and judges take the quality of the tan into account when assessing them. 

It creates the full package

A sunless tan can help a bodybuilder look like they have put in more work than their competitors. This can have a profound impact on how a bodybuilder is judged, and a darker, bronzed skin tone is seen by many as the finishing touch on a well-built physique.


A tan can really help you look your best. Bronzed skin is desired by many, and if you want to look as good as possible, a tan will definitely help. Although some people may overdo it, a tan can really make a difference in your appearance.

What Tan Do Bodybuilders Use?

There are many brands and products available for professional-level bodybuilders to get their show tan. Depending on the individual’s requirements, various creams, supplements, tanning beds, and spray tan services can be found. Pro Tan has been a popular choice for many years and offers a wide range of products, including tans, hair removal, and tan removal for after the competition. Additionally, there are various tanning sprays, mousses, and water-based products available through Amazon.

Research and experimentation are key when you want to figure out what kind of ingredients will work best for your skin type. You might want to consult with a dermatologist. If you have any specific requirements, but ultimately it’s up to you to put in the work to see what results you can get.


It might seem like bodybuilders use an absurd amount of fake tan, but there are legitimate reasons for it – almost all of which Increase the likelihood of winning competitions. The tan helps to accentuate the muscles, making them look larger than they actually are. This gives the illusion that the person is in better shape than they might actually be, and can give them a mental and physical edge over their opponents.

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