What to wear to a beach wedding?

While many people dream of having their wedding day on the wear to a beach wedding, it might cause some confusion among guests concerning what to wear. For example, unlike traditional dress codes such as “cocktail” or “semi-formal”, a beach wedding enables you to think outside the box when dressing for the event. For instance, depending on the specific time of year and venue, your attire may vary from short shorts and tank tops if you are in a tropical destination during summer to pants and long sleeves if you are visiting somewhere like Vermont at this same time of year.

While many people dream about getting married with the sand under their toes, this can cause some confusion for guests as to what to wear. Typically there are three main elements of the dress code – casual, semi-formal, and formal. However, given that a beach wedding requires sand-friendly, comfy shoes and clothes (and often applies to a destination wedding where travel has been factored in), the “beach” element offers the opportunity to dress more casually than would normally be recommended for other formal events (i.e cocktail party) so that’s worth bearing in mind when choosing your outfit!

If you’re wondering what to wear

Wondering what to wear to your beach wedding? We’ve got you covered. For a complete breakdown of everything, there is to know about picking out the perfect beach attire for guests, keep scrolling! For starters, we provide tips for gauging the formality of the event and share ideas for men’s and women’s outfits that are sure to make a splash at any beach wedding this summer. From strapless bikinis perfect for over-the-top details to flowy dresses in shades of white, we’ve rounded up some inspo you won’t want to miss.

We’re here to help! Our guide will cover everything you need to know, from formalities and weather conditions (highly important)! From there, well, breeze through our favorite beach wedding guest outfits. So that you can find the right attire in no time. Take a look below at some of our favorites or check them all out here.

It’s a beach wedding. Yes, it’s true – it’s the wildcard of weddings hosting an array of professional situations and family reunions in one location. It’s especially great if you just happen to be a guest at this type of event. As beach wedding guest attire isn’t always cut-and-dry. We thought we would put together this guide so that you can learn more about how formal the event is, beach wedding guest dress ideas for men and women, and other important tidbits about the attire, and decisions you need to make for one day – or several. One helpful tip that many remember when planning their outfit is by opting for breathable fabrics as well as natural fibers like cotton to avoid overheating during summertime festivities. By doing so, guests will be able to truly enjoy their moment as it is meant to be – a celebration!

What is a Beach Wedding Attire?

Beach wedding attire is commonly assumed to be casual. But some weddings call for something more formal like a dress or suit. In general, though, beach wedding attire means choosing bright clothes for the daytime and semi-formal accessories. There are two types of clothing needed for beach weddings—tops and bottoms. For men, typical beach wedding tops include short-sleeved or long-sleeved buttoned shirts such as a collared polo shirt, oxfords and multi-pocket field jackets that can double as swim trunks bottoms may include swimsuits (a full-body one-piece or swim shorts), board shorts, and chino pants while women need long dresses, jumpsuits and rompers which are similar to leggings but with a longer bottom which usually close in the back under buttons. Swim tops or bathing suits alone or tank styles with sarongs should always be worn between the legs during the ceremony

Beach wedding outfits are not just limited to swimwear. There are different kinds but it all boils down to location: many cultures across the world choose this setting for their nuptials so finding a rustic venue on a tropical island with lapping waves certainly goes a long way when it comes to choosing your dress code and accessories.

Things to Consider When Dressing for a Beach Wedding Weather.







For men, leather flip-flops



Beach Formal

A formal beach wedding is one that calls for a dress, a suit, or a jumpsuit, and it’s important to know that all of these things are appropriate and what you should note when choosing your outfit. For instance, solid colors won’t contrast with the surroundings as much as lighter ones. You’ll also want to make sure that your clothing is breathable so as not to sweat too much. The length of your dress or suit can be dependent upon where you’re having the reception. On this topic, tea-length dresses will become wet in the water. So, therefore, they’re not ideal, but if you’re indoors then they are acceptable. No matter what you choose, just remember that stilettos are impractical on the sands. So wear something more practical beneath your dress. Also, remember to wear something comfortable during the reception afterward!

Beach Semi-Formal/Cocktail

A business suit. A formal skirt, blouse, or a fun suit dress all tend to do the trick when it comes to dressing up. Stick with monochromatic color schemes that aren’t too loud or in your face. If you choose to incorporate prints, avoid anything that looks like it’s straight off of your local grocer’s shelf- remember that since this is going to be a classier get-up for sure, anything too “cartoony” probably won’t jive too well.

It can be hard to decide what to wear for semi-formal events such as wedding receptions or christenings. Do you go for the classic suit with a tie? Or perhaps a pair of dressy pants and a more casual blazer instead? For a more formal event, feel free to consider shorts in either tea-length or maxi. In terms of footwear, it’s good to keep things comfortable so that you don’t have sore feet by the time. You make your escape after being seated all day long during the ceremony. You may even want to consider investing in some flip flops just in case your feet tire out!

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