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The tech space has been seeing some tremendous growth in the mobile gaming industry for quite a while now. And this is because of multiple factors: new developers are entering the market, and established creators have moved desktop titles over to phones and tablets. The market for Android games is very active and houses a wide selection of different genres, all-time classics, and timeless fun. A lot of these games are free or come with a free demo, so you aren’t even risking anything by trying them out! Whether you’re interested in action, adventure, or strategy games, you won’t be disappointed by exploring the world of mobile games available on Google Play! Visit and Play the same Top Games Playing For Entertainment.

The success of gaming on a mobile platform cannot be overstated – after all, it’s the most-used method for playing games. Gamers enjoy having the portability factor and just generally fit in with their lifestyles much better than, say, consoles or PCs do most of the time. But, you may be wondering: what are some of the best Android games to play? There are thousands out there and it can sometimes feel like a pretty intimidating task to try and go through them all, but it isn’t so bad if we narrow down your options a bit! Below are five outstanding recommendations that we think should definitely not be missed by anyone who’s looking to have a good time!

Tons of innovation has occurred within the mobile gaming sector. At first, smartphone and tablet gamers had to do without top-tier gaming titles. This painful disadvantage began to fade as high-end systems like Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One X has forced developers to make games for these systems similar to other platforms on the market. Nowadays you can find all kinds of games for Android devices, starting from card games, arcade and adventure games over the puzzle and grand strategy games to MMO online action. Of course, there is still no beating the old classics in our list below.

If you’re looking for versatility and efficiency, subscription services are becoming a great option. The $4.99-per-month Google Play Pass gives customers hundreds of games and apps that are free of microtransactions. Similarly, the Game Club resurrects gaming classics with a low-price subscription.

If you’re looking to get more out of your money, a subscription service like the Google Play Pass can provide you with all-you-can-eat access to hundreds of games and apps. Or if retro gaming is your thing, Game Club offers classic game emulators at a monthly price that comes in right around the same as the Play Pass.

As you might have noticed, technology circles around Android a lot these days. Google itself released the Google Cardboard virtual reality headset that makes it easier than ever to dive into certain experiences and helps you immerse yourself in that heady world of imaginative storytelling. This new way to experience content is taking off in a major way. In fact, while some of your friends are still watching shows on Netflix and other similar platforms as they sit stationary, now they’re watching all sorts of things from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to Star Wars (don’t worry! we couldn’t turn them down either!)

To help expand the way Android is used across a wider number of devices, Google has opted to license the software, thus allowing hardware developers and manufacturers to use its operating system in their products. This is one of many reasons why most top-quality gaming phones run on the Android platform. Razer Phone offers not just an outstanding gaming experience for applicable games with high FPS (frames per second), but also high-quality screen resolution: 4K UHD and HDR support. The Razer Junglecat Mobile Controller is great for how it allows you to play mobile games on your television, while Google Cardboard affords you accessibility in gaining virtual reality experiences through your phone’s capabilities.

Treat yourself to mobile entertainment that isn’t just microblogging drama. Do you prefer something not so taxing on your brain? We have a Best Android Apps list for that!

One of the most popular and critically acclaimed gothic-themed action role-playing games has found a new home. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a masterpiece that should be in every Android gamer’s game library. Take control of Alucard, the dhampir son of Dracula, as he battles his way through his father’s castle to put an end to his malevolent reign once and for all. The game has everything you’d expect from a classic Castlevania experience with plenty of weapons and health items to keep you stocked during tough boss encounters. There are 50 main missions to tackle and side quests galore with plenty of upgrades to earn as you progress deeper into the castle!

One of the most iconic games in the Castlevania series is now more accessible than ever before on Android phones. Take control of Alucard, a vampire who had been awake for centuries as he makes his way through Dracula’s fortress and up to his throne room. This game has an expansive arsenal of weapons and items that players collect during their journey through the castle. With so much to enjoy from an RPG standpoint, it’s no wonder Symphony of the Night has become a fan favorite among all Castlevania titles.

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