‘Selling Sunset,’ Dressed to the Nines: The Reality Show That Became a Fashion Sensation

'Selling Sunset,' Dressed to the Nines

When Netflix introduced the world to “Selling Sunset” in 2019, it promised a glimpse into the glamorous world of high-end real estate in Los Angeles. However, what it also unwittingly introduced was a fashion phenomenon. The show may be about multi-million-dollar properties, but it’s the jaw-dropping ensembles and signature styles of the cast that have captured the hearts of viewers around the world. From designer dresses to killer heels, ‘Selling Sunset’ has become a veritable runway of high fashion. In this article, we explore how the reality show has transcended its initial premise and evolved into a fashion sensation.

The Allure of High Fashion

In the world of luxury real estate, first impressions matter. The real estate agents of “Selling Sunset” understand this all too well. These realtors aren’t just selling homes; they’re also selling a lifestyle, and fashion plays a pivotal role in portraying that image. From chic open houses to glamorous brokerage events, the cast always arrives dressed to the nines, proving that they are not just masters of property, but also masters of style.

Christine Quinn, a central figure in the show, is perhaps one of the most iconic when it comes to fashion. With her avant-garde looks and ever-changing hair colors, she has become known as the queen of extravagant fashion on “Selling Sunset.” She is a living testament to the power of style in making a statement in the real estate world. Her outfits are as bold and daring as the properties she sells, often causing jaws to drop and headlines to be written.

The Signature Styles

Each cast member on “Selling Sunset” brings their own unique style to the table. Heather Rae Young’s classy and elegant fashion choices contrast with Christine’s daring ensembles. Mary Fitzgerald’s timeless and sophisticated wardrobe resonates with her clients. And then there’s Amanza Smith, the former model whose edgy, rocker-chic style adds a touch of rebellion to the world of luxury real estate.

The cast’s distinct fashion choices have not only given them a strong presence on the show but have also helped them cultivate their personal brands outside of it. Their signature styles have garnered them significant followings on social media, where they often share their outfits, fashion tips, and details about their favorite designers. The fashion choices of these real estate agents have even led to collaborations with designers and brands, further cementing their status as style influencers.

From Open Houses to Runway Shows

One of the most notable aspects of “Selling Sunset” is how it has seamlessly integrated the world of high fashion into the real estate industry. The show has transformed mundane open houses and property tours into glamorous events that rival red carpet affairs. This shift in the real estate landscape has piqued the interest of viewers who are drawn to the high-stakes world of LA property, but also to the jaw-dropping fashion on display.

It’s not uncommon for the realtors of The Oppenheim Group to don their most exquisite attire for these property showings. Even the more casual events are an opportunity for the cast to showcase their fashion prowess. This unique blend of real estate and runway has made “Selling Sunset” an addictive viewing experience, as you never know when the next jaw-dropping outfit will make its appearance.

Influence on Real Estate Marketing

“Selling Sunset” has significantly influenced the way luxury real estate is marketed and presented to potential buyers. The fusion of high fashion and opulent properties has created a distinct allure for the show, and real estate agents worldwide have taken note. From professional photoshoots to extravagant property videos, the world of real estate marketing has undergone a makeover of its own.

Nowadays, many high-end properties are presented as more than just brick and mortar; they are marketed as part of a glamorous lifestyle. This shift can be attributed to the success of “Selling Sunset” and its power to capture the imaginations of viewers who dream of living in such splendor. The show has taught real estate agents that selling a home is not just about the features of the property but also about selling the vision and lifestyle that comes with it.

Embracing Luxury Brands

The cast of “Selling Sunset” knows that to maintain their fashionable image, they need to embrace luxury brands. The show features numerous scenes where the realtors are spotted wearing high-end designer labels, from Christian Louboutin shoes to Chanel handbags. Such luxury items not only enhance their personal style but also reinforce the idea that they are elite players in the high-stakes world of luxury real estate.

Wearing these brands isn’t just for the cameras; it’s a way of life for the cast. Whether it’s Christine Quinn’s obsession with her collection of designer shoes or Heather Rae Young’s love for timeless pieces, luxury brands have become a part of their identities. They understand that, in the world of high fashion and luxury real estate, presentation is everything.

Setting Trends

The fashion choices on “Selling Sunset” have not only captivated viewers but have also influenced trends in the real estate and fashion industries. Many people now aspire to dress like their favorite cast members or incorporate elements of their style into their own wardrobes.

The signature looks of the cast, from Christine’s over-the-top accessories to Heather’s elegant dresses, have created a buzz on social media platforms, where fans eagerly search for similar outfits. Brands have taken notice of this trend and are increasingly partnering with the cast for promotions and endorsements.

Even in the realm of real estate, “Selling Sunset” has made waves. The luxury homes featured on the show have become a source of inspiration for homeowners, designers, and real estate agents alike. The lavish interiors and stunning exteriors have set new standards for what people expect from high-end properties, leading to a surge in demand for luxury real estate.

The Impact Beyond the Screen

“Selling Sunset” has not only redefined the way we view real estate and fashion but has also given its cast a platform to make a real impact beyond the screen. The cast members have used their newfound fame to pursue various entrepreneurial endeavors, many of which revolve around fashion.

Christine Quinn, for example, has launched her own clothing line, showcasing her unique sense of style. Heather Rae Young has used her fashion sense to become a style influencer on social media. Mary Fitzgerald has even hinted at potential ventures in the world of design. These real estate agents have leveraged their fashion-forward reputations to explore new career paths, demonstrating the lasting influence of “Selling Sunset.”


Selling Sunset” may have started as a show about high-end real estate, but it has grown into something much more significant. Its blend of luxury properties and high fashion has transformed it into a cultural phenomenon, inspiring viewers, influencing industries, and creating opportunities for its cast members to become style icons in their own right. The allure of ‘Selling Sunset’ goes beyond just the homes; it’s about the high-stakes world of LA real estate, the glamorous fashion, and the dreams of a lifestyle many can only imagine. As long as luxury real estate and high fashion continue to entwine, the show will likely remain an irresistible combination of glitz, glamour, and jaw-dropping style.

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