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Traveling around the world is one of the most incredible things humans can do and it’s something that. I strongly encourage everyone to try at least once in their lives. Check out some best and safest vacation destinations. It’s amazing. But as a solo traveler or someone who is vulnerable (especially traveling alone female travelers!) you could be a little scared so if you need to, check out some of the safest countries to travel to because we don’t want you going on an adventure that doesn’t feel fun and relaxing.

Traveling across the world and exploring new places is one of the best feelings ever but hey, it can be intimidating! If you’re a solo traveler (especially traveling alone as a woman) or someone more vulnerable, you may have a few doubts about going on a trip which is understandable.

Traveling can be fun and exciting, but everyone’s a little nervous before making the leap to take that step. If you’re a single traveler or someone who’s particularly vulnerable (like female solo travelers), it’s easy to feel uncertain. However, many trips can be enjoyable and relaxing in addition to being fun! The good news is there are lots of places around the world you can visit without worrying about your safety being compromised.

Safest countries for travel (safest vacation destinations)




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Sri Lanka

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Check information 5 beautiful countries for the safest vacation destinations

  • Iceland


Ranked as the World’s safest country to travel to, Iceland is consistently ranked among the top tier of destinations. Geologically speaking, Iceland has many other attractions too, and not just the northern lights! With its stunning mountain ranges, Nordic culture, and friendly people, it truly is a traveler’s paradise. As a visitor, you may be surprised by how low light pollution is in the country due to how concentrated most settlements lie in tiny pockets throughout its vast landmass. Because of this, there are few places that are highly urbanized as they tend to opt for more densely-packed housing with less artificial lighting which tends to interfere with other special activities from seeing the Northern Lights (Aurorae) dancing around in thin air!

As a traveler, Iceland is one of the world’s most sought-after destinations. Home to some of the top sites in Europe including the Blue Lagoon, surrounded by volcanoes & geysers – there’s plenty to see here and with it being a safe country (particularly when compared to its geographical neighbors), you can rest assured that you’ll be able to relax & enjoy your time without worrying too much about your personal safety. (safest vacation destinations)

  • Switzerland


Switzer land, with its stunning beauty, breathtaking outdoor scenery, and excellent Swiss chocolate is the ideal country for a vacation. The country ranks high as one of the safest countries to visit in Europe, sometimes even considered one of the safest destinations to travel solo.

  • Denmark


Den mark is a Scandinavian country that occupies the Jutland Peninsula of Northern Europe. Denmark is home to many beautiful cities, however, Copenhagen holds one of the most expensive real estates in Europe and it’s a very popular tourist location for both domestic and overseas visitors.

Since Denmark has been rated for the past four years as the “happiest country in the world”, it’s not difficult to imagine why anyone would want to travel there. And, if you’re planning on traveling solo, there can be no better place than Copenhagen. As one of Europe’s biggest metropolitan cities, Copenhagen provides a multitude of opportunities for single travelers looking for places to stay and fun activities to do during their visit. However, like most big cities, one needs to be vigilant at all times since some areas are less safe than others. Regardless of this fact, however, we guarantee that you’ll have a great time!

It’s no secret that most Danes are a relatively happy bunch. That may be because they live in a beautiful country – ehhh never mind, scratch that, it’s definitely because they live in a beautiful country! The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is one of the best cities to explore as there is plenty to see and do.

  • New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zea land, known as Aotearoa in the local Māori language (the indigenous inhabitants of NZ), is one of the most beautiful places on earth with a vast array of awe-inspiring terrain from its iconic snow-capped mountains to charming coastal beaches and volcanic black sand bays. New Zealand’s geographic isolation sets it apart from the rest of Australia and means that it only has a small number of dangerous animals and insects living in it, making nearly all parts safe for travel and exploration. For the thrill-seekers or those looking for an adventure, bungee jumping is one of the main activities which sees thousands of people each year leaping off one of NZ’s many rafting companies!

NewZealand is one of the most beautiful places to visit. When it comes to the country’s environment, there are few that. Can compare because of everything from the lush greenery on the North Island. The inviting coastal beaches along the South Island and friendly people make this such a wonderful place to live. New Zealand is known as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. As well as one of the least corrupt! As opposed to its neighbor Australia. New Zealand has a very small population of dangerous animals and insects due to its size. Also, if you really enjoy trying new adventures – bungee jumping anyone? Then New Zealand is probably one of your best bets due to its topography! Here’s an interesting fact: Did you know about the Maori Haka dance? It’s meant to symbolize or challenge others face-to-face so be sure not to miss this spectacle!

  • Canada


When we think of the greatest places to travel in the world, Canada is often a highly popular choice amongst adventure seekers and those who love taking in the sights and sounds of nature. With its beautiful scenery, rich wildlife, friendly natives, and reliable transportation. And cuisine options – not to mention the safe atmosphere for travelers. Worldpacker’s work exchange programs are perfect for those who want to experience Canada as part of their gap year abroad. Settle here after an extended period of backpacking. Imagine volunteering on a farm near this Canadian city.

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