Is it safe to travel to Istanbul?

Istanbul is a historically significant city that attracts visitors from both near and far. Above, you’ll notice how the yin and yang of western and eastern cultures come together for a one-of-a-kind urban experience that contributes to the allure of the modern megalopolis. It is safe to travel to Istanbul.

Istanbul is a city in Turkey that straddles both Europe and Asia. It’s a very old population that has, over the years, influenced various cultures near and far. Visit the Grand Bazaar and you can really get a sense of how when Islam was introduced to the region it became embedded into the everyday lives of locals. One particularly interesting blend coming from both European and Middle Eastern roots is this traditional experience called Turkish Coffee, a distinctly sweet concoction served in tiny cups with a saucer meant to be used as a handle.

How Safe is Istanbul?

Most backpackers who visit Turkey tend to pass through the country’s capital city, Istanbul. The city itself is awesome and there are plenty of reasons that make it an inviting destination for visitors to the city. There’s the rich history, exotic food, and vibrant culture just to name a few of its appeals.

Most people who pass through Turkey as part of their backpacking travels end up spending some time in the capital, Istanbul. It’s a fascinating city whose streets tell of so many tales and therefore it can be overwhelming for new arrivals that have come from other parts of the globe. There are plenty of reasons why you would want to visit this incredible place – there is history, food, and culture to engage with and most importantly there is intense energy from within this crossroads between Europe and Asia as well as all the amazing people you can meet along the way!

Is Istanbul Safe to Visit Right Now?

Absolutely! Istanbul is a safe and welcoming place. Of course, there remains a threat of terrorism, but if you’re conscientious while visiting this world city, you’ll be able to stay relatively safe in all areas of Istanbul. This Turkish city is certainly a large one. One-fifth of Turkey’s population lives in the wider Istanbul area. However, most people who live in the center of Istanbul are accustomed to foreign visitors and they want tourists to feel comfortable while they are here. There are many tourist destinations that can easily accommodate those coming from abroad. Therefore, not only is Istanbul open to tourism, it actively encourages it!

Istanbul is absolutely welcoming to foreign travelers. This modern city has been built on two continents, and it’s a hub for commercial and industrial activity in Turkey. Turkey used to be the center of the Ottoman Empire and Istanbul itself was once seen as Constantinople, of course – the capital. It boasts palaces, mosques, and monasteries that are still awe-inspiring centuries later. It’s home to the largest ferries in the world, so if you want to take a trip outside I would highly recommend traveling by sea! It is also superbly connected by air, but those planes don’t come cheap.

Istanbul is the most important tourist stop in the country! There may be a continuing threat of terrorism, but apart from that, it’s great. Istanbul is absolutely huge. A fifth of Turkey’s population lives nearby, which means you won’t have any trouble finding accommodation. And with all those people comes ample opportunity for dining and entertainment options. It’s also super-welcoming to foreigners so make sure you visit this world city!

Safest Places in Istanbul

When choosing where to stay when visiting Istanbul, it’s essential to take the time out to do a little research and choose wisely. You want your trip to be enjoyable and memorable but don’t want it to deteriorate due to being in an area with elevated crime rates and public safety concerns. To help you out with your decision-making we’ve put together a list of suggested places below, which rank among some of the most coveted spots in all of this great city!

You are probably wondering which areas in Istanbul are the safest to visit, because of course you want to be safe everywhere you go and be aware of your surroundings. We’ve listed the most popular tourist destinations so that you can enjoy your trip to its fullest.


Located right next to the old city walls in the historic and cultural heart of Istanbul, Sultanahmet is where you’ll find all of the main historical, cultural, and religious attractions Istanbul has to offer. From Hagia Sophia to the Blue Mosque, within walking distance from each other within this district is where most of these famed landmarks can be found.

Sultanahmet is the historic district of Istanbul, which was once the capital city of Byzantium. It’s the oldest section of what is now modern-day İstanbul and is bordered by water on three sides. This area has remained fashionable for people traveling to Istanbul for a short trip or even for a permanent residence because. It’s one of the safest areas since it’s surrounded by water. Sultanahmet can be stepped back in time when you look at its old houses that are better left untouched. They give visitors a stronger appreciation of Ottoman history.

Arts and Culture: Sultanahmet is where you will find all the culture, customs, and artwork of today’s Istanbul. It is within the streets of this district surrounded by water on 3 sides that one can see Turkey’s history. And discover Istanbul.


Karaköy is a district situated on the Black Sea coast of Turkey and just north of the Golden Horn. At one time, Karaköy was a major port: it was strategically placed at the outbreak of the harbor. Unfortunately, this area fell into disrepair after the Second World War, becoming abandoned and neglected.

Karaköy is one of the newest neighborhoods in Istanbul. Situated at the mouth of the Golden Horn. This district used to be one of the city’s main harbor ports until it fell into disrepair 50 years ago. But things changed when this area became gentrified in 2015 and an array of high-end cafes, and boutiques. And art galleries took over some historic buildings.

Karaköy is one of Istanbul’s most trendy neighborhoods thanks to its rustic charm and hip cafes. Located at the tip of the Golden Horn, this area was once the city’s commercial hub.


Galata is a neighborhood right next to the Golden Horn located north of the city. Although technically part of the Beyoglu district, this neighborhood has a rather distinct feel and flair. Comprising cobblestone streets and neoclassical buildings, Galata is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods.

Although it’s technically part of Beyoglu, this neighborhood has historically had a unique style. Situated on cobblestone streets and neoclassical buildings, Galata was once known primarily for being home to Istanbul’s thriving nightlife scene.

Located in Istanbul, Galata is a neighborhood near the Golden Horn. The area has a special place in the hearts of locals because of its rich local culture. It’s known for its food and history, making it a popular destination for tourists. Several multicultural events are also held here annually.

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