5 Reasons to Switch Fluorescent Lighting to LED Lighting in Garage

These days, LED lighting in garage is one of the most renowned and efficient ways of illuminating the closed garage space. Most people prefer this option over fluorescent lighting for more reasons than one. In this article, let us deliberate on five grounds and explanations to support and explain the statement. 

  • Lower Energy Bills

Almost all lighting options, besides LED lighting, require high monthly and yearly energy bills. You can even say that they take away and consume your hard-earned money. Thus, you must be exceedingly careful when using other lighting options to ensure your electricity bills remain within budget. It can entail switching the lights off immediately. 

However, such issues do not occur with LED lighting. They are relatively cheaper on your energy bills as costs for energy continue to rise. It can get owed to the less heat generation associated with them that would otherwise have wasted energy. On top of that, LED lighting has low disposal fees and maintenance costs. 

  • Brighter Illumination

garage LED lights

Conventionally, garage lighting should be bright. In addition, the illumination should cover a significant area. It allows for efficiency and convenience, irrespective of the work you do in the enclosed space. For instance, it may be to park the car or use the garage as a workspace. 

In this aspect, garage LED lights help considerably. They are substantially bright and can thus illuminate the entire space. It can even cover the nooks and corners, provided that the lighting arrangement is appropriate and even. 

Generally, an illumination of 3000 lumen works for a garage space having enough area for a single car. However, with Morris, you can have it brighter- 4500 lumen in our 5ft LED batten makes it possible. 

  • Effortless Installation

Garage LED lights usually have an undemanding and effortless installation and setup process. The steps are not complex, making them easier to fit. You have to get the system simply wire to the mains with a connector block. Overall, it is a safe and efficient method. 

  • Longer Lifespan

LED lights for garage space can last twice as long as standard fluorescent tube. The average lifespan for a tube is 15,000 hours, and LED batten is 30,000 hours. 

The longevity can get owed primarily to the durability and sturdiness of the LED lights. They come without any glass enclosure or filament. Thus, they are more resistant to heavy impacts, vibrations, and shocks. On top of that, they can withstand and deal with minor drops and bumps without much issue. 

  • Environmental-Friendly

LED light for garage space is preferable for the environment to fluorescent lighting. They have higher efficiency, ensuring less wastage of precious energy. In addition, it helps reduce the carbon footprint of the appliance. It, coupled with the light’s long lifespan, can facilitate the mitigation or decrease of landfill waste. 

Furthermore, LED lights are less harmful on the environment as there is no mercury content compared to tubes which have mercury in them. The absence of hazardous materials ensures the safety and protection of nature.  

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