How to outreach for link building

Link building is the mission of building one-way hyperlinks to a website with the goal of improving search engine visibility. Common link-building strategies include content marketing, creating useful tools, email outreach, broken link building, and public relations. Today I will tell you how to outreach for link building.

Link building is a lot like playing fly-fishing. If you’re lucky enough to successfully “seduce” (attract) a fish, then it will be drawn into your “fly.” Fly-fishers call this getting to the point where they feel their line being pulled towards something. A good link builder can sometimes do that; at least make sure people are appropriately seduced by what they have to offer and are highly likely to respond positively and click on the link that leads to their page thus helping them get more traffic for the website.

Link building is about having fun. It’s about being creative and letting others see the good work being done. We are lucky to have a bunch of guys from the team who are designers/developers who can create useful tools and share them with everyone in the industry so people can use these resources and get real value out of them. We sometimes send our emails to companies asking if they could help us get fresh content, but it doesn’t always work! Sometimes, we find great articles online that catch our fancy and we immediately want to incorporate them into our blog but when we reach out to the original writer – he or she isn’t interested in sharing it with us so we’ll be forced to create something different instead!

How to Find High-Quality Links

Before we dive into the step-by-step link-building strategies, it’s important to know what makes a good (or bad) link. That way, you can focus on building links that will actually improve your Google rankings.

Step 1: Now that we’ve gone over what types of links you should be building (and which types aren’t worth the effort), the next step is to figure out how to identify good links from bad ones. After all, there are plenty of sneaky Internet marketers who want to game the system by stuffing your website with spammy links.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of link building, let’s take a moment to identify what makes or breaks a link. Having an understanding of this will help you implement these strategies in your favor.

Are links from websites with a lot of authority important to you? 

In the past, I’ve found that links from high-authority pages are more valuable than other types of links. That’s because they have the power to pass along more authority.

As a business owner. It’s important to keep track of the backlinks that are coming from the web pages that are linking to you. If you see many popular pages linking to your business’s website. Then this will have a big impact on your rankings as well.

Is the Authority of the Site a lot important to you? 

One of the only ways to determine a link’s quality is to look. At the domain for which it is being presented. For example, links coming from high authority sites such as. The New York Times will have a much bigger impact on your website’s overall ranking. Then a link that has been posted on a low authority site like The Sample Blog Post. While this type of information is often difficult to come by. Using tools such as Site Explorer from Ahrefs allows. You to quickly assess how well your competitor’s sites are performing in terms of ranking and backlinks. It will also tell you what social media networks are. They are actively engaging so you can plan out your own strategies accordingly.

Link’s Position on the Page

Links in the footer and sidebar are worth less than links in the main body of a webpage. And the best way to boost your link juice is by adding more links to the body of a page. No one likes ugly, empty space on their pages so. If you consider yourself a quality company keep your main body full of high-value links!

If you paste a link into an area of your webpage. That’s typically as empty and devoid of content as a footer or sidebar. Chances are that link isn’t worth very much to Google at all.

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