How to create a Facebook account

Our team is happy to shorten the distance between us and our community by providing some very useful information about how to get the most out of Facebook. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create your account step by step, configure it so you can take advantage of the many privacy settings available, and tweak a few other options that will make your experience even better with Facebook! How to create a Facebook account.

Have you considered creating your own “fan page” on Facebook? 

Perhaps you use the social network but haven’t created a personal profile yet. Maybe you already have an account but are unsure about how to configure this powerful tool to better help manage your business brand.

Have you considered creating a Facebook account? 

Maybe you’re new and haven’t decided to join this social network yet, but you want to learn more. Maybe you already use it regularly but want to know how to further customize your profile or update your settings for greater privacy.

New Facebook Account

  1. Click on Facebook Official Website.

2. Enter your name. 


Cell phone number 

Password Date of birth 


The system tells you your password is not safe enough, try to long and  more characters in upper and lower case letters

3. Then click on Create an account

4. Last, you confirm your Email and Cell phone number, If you received a code in your email or cell phone from SMS Then add a confirmation code. Your Account is created. 

Facebook Profile

Your account, or online identity – whichever you prefer – is like an online letter of introduction. It serves as a way for interested parties to find you. As such, keep this in mind when creating your profile, and don’t forget to personalize it with a photo that represents you well.

Your Facebook account can be compared to an online “letter of introduction” since it allows other social media users to find you. In order to maximize this opportunity and make your profile stand out, we recommend customizing these elements. Start by changing the transparent background of your profile and cover photo as they are the most seen elements of your page for potential new connections.

As a business, Facebook provides you with the opportunity to “introduce” yourself to potential clients. In order to be found online after creating an account, it is best to customize as many of these areas as possible. The first thing you should focus on is your profile photo so it is easily recognizable when people look for businesses in your category. People typically stick with a simple portrait but decorating or adding something unique helps attract attention and create brand recognition! It’s important for any portrait used in your business’s representation in all marketing mediums to be at least 300 pixels wide.

Facebook Cover photo

The cover photo on the other hand is rectangular and can be seen by users who enter directly into your wall. Its size makes it perfect for uploading images such as your favorite landscape, some illustration, or a photo of you practicing a hobby. The minimum required dimensions are 720 pixels but are recommended to be at least 1280 pixels in height.

Sometimes people want to add more images or media to their profiles. If you select that option, you’ll be able to upload a cover photo by clicking on the blank space in the upper-right corner of your profile. To ensure that everyone sees your cover photo, it has to be at least 720 pixels wide and 250 pixels high. With new tools like Facebook’s deep linking technology “Open Graph”, your creative passion for photography finally proves useful!


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