3 Top health benefits of surfing for your mind

When we think about your typical surfer then a few things pop into mind. Like someone who is happy, energetic, and playful. Why is this so? We don’t really have a clear answer to that question, but we do know that there must be something going on. When it comes down to the reasons why surfing makes us feel so good inside. Some Top health benefits of surfing for your mind might say they enjoy spending hours on the water because it gives them space to think and reflect on life or at least something close to that thought process.

When we think about your typical surfer, a few things pop into mind – an energetic, playful guy or girl. Why is this so? Why do we associate surfing with happiness? There must be something in the water that causes us to react this way.

When we think about your typical surfer, a few things probably pop into mind – an energetic, playful, and happy guy or girl. Why is this so? Why do we associate surfing with happiness? After all, being a surfer takes up a lot of time—think of the hours that go into riding waves daily! That’s why it makes sense for us to assume that surfers are happier than the average Joe.

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1. Exercise

When it comes to seeking out happiness, all roads lead to health – physically and mentally. Physical exercise has been shown to provide powerful benefits to our minds and even protect against depression and anxiety. We’ve all heard of the term ‘runner’s high’, right? Well, if you take a look at surfing at its core – it is almost entirely interval training. This is great because when your heart rate rapidly rises and falls between periods of intense activity and moderation, your cardiovascular system gets a rigorous workout keeping it healthy and strong! When the body produces more BDNF (or “fertilizer for the brain”) – our neurotransmitters that influence mood balance are not only well-fed but are supported by these higher levels of ‘happy hormones. Happy hormones such as dopamine, enhance our general sense of happiness, comfort, pleasure, and satisfaction.

2. Flow State

For the past two years, neuroscience has been studying how the creative flow state boosts performance and contentment. In recent studies, neuroscientist Dr. Eugenio Oddo made clear that being in a flow state means you are in one of the neurophysiologic states of consciousness where the mind is but an observer to its experience with attention fully given to the object of experience. We create what we believe on a genetic level which makes up who we are and it affects everything from our health to our finances and relationships. You see many examples throughout life whether or not it’s skydiving, bungee jumping, or learning something new like skiing for example. The feeling accompanying these activities is known by Masters as the creator’s high – “It is not so much as happiness.

This has been a hot topic in psychology, business, and art for years now and with its rise in popularity in the tech industry as of late. According to expert Stephen Cutler, Flow is that particular zone where you feel the best and perform the best – where you are at your peak. It’s that runner high and that feeling you get when you have just climbed a hill or done a big scary turn that you didn’t believe you could do.

Flow is something that used to only be talked about within certain circles of people. Who had placed it as a top priority? The term “flow” has been in the limelight for about a decade now and has even been made. It’s way into the business development sector. Stephen Cutler came up with Flow Theory which talks about how heightened states of consciousness can lead to great performance improvement.

 3. Aftereffect

Research from Harvard found that when we experience flow, it makes us more likely to be productive and creative. Moreover, our overall well-being is increased as a result of this ‘mental state.’ To harness the health benefits brought by the happiness of mind, many scientists and doctors recommend doing activities you enjoy, derive pleasure from, and feel passionate about.

Research from Harvard shows that people who experience flow do. So because they find that their skills are in balance with the challenge of what they’re supposed to achieve. If a task is easy, you become bored. If it’s too hard and near impossible, you end up panicking. Surfers and other extreme sports athletes fall into this group because the challenges of performing these are difficult. Potentially life-threatening maneuvers never grow milder over time. Surfers also thrive on positive emotions that contribute to their flow states. Both of which increase their enjoyment and sense of happiness in how free they feel when doing what they love most!

Research from Harvard found out that when you get access to Flow you become more productive, creative, and happier with a strong point that these benefits can last up to three days after it is experienced. This is why you always see them happy and pleased. No one of them will ever spend more than a couple of days out of the water and with this. They are almost constantly “refilling” this high and mighty and mellow feeling. What is even more interesting is that surfers do this for years and thanks to everything describing the power of surfing. They never lose that positive feeling that glows and positive emotional changes.

4. benefits of surfing

Many studies have been conducted that showcase the health benefits of surfing. It’s hard to believe at a first glance. But studies have shown that surfing has many positive effects on one’s brain and body! Surfing is an integral part of what life was meant to be about. This sport demands patience, time, and dedication from its participants. Another special quality about surfing is that every person. Can find their own approach or method in which to enjoy this game. However, you decide to spend your days on the beach. Just remember to take frequent breaks if you want to avoid getting burnt out when doing anything for extended lengths of time!

The benefits of surfing are many. Not only is it good for your overall health, but surfboards are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation as well! Surfing isn’t just a fun hobby – it actually favors the realization of a healthier lifestyle. If you have yet to give it a try. You’ll likely fall in love with surfing after trying it out for just one moment. 

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