3 Signs You Have Too Many Devices on Your Wi-Fi

It’s astounding how much the internet has impacted just about every industry worldwide. According to research published recently, there are a stunning five billion internet users in the world! That’s two-thirds of the people currently living on Earth. Let that figure sink in for a minute. These users aren’t using the internet just once or twice a month; we’re talking about hours each day!

Online research has indeed affected numerous industries. Taking the world of education as an example, around $100 billion is spent annually on online courses, with many students willingly choosing to learn from the comfort of their homes rather than in front of a teacher. In fact, so many billions are being spent on online learning that almost half (!) of all US colleges have started websites for potential students to learn about their offerings, or even asking them to apply through an online medium only! And remember – this is just an example from one sector alone; it’s understandable that these figures will only continue to grow as time goes on. 3 Signs You Have Too Many Devices on Your Wi-Fi

1. Video Calling

Do you ever experience spotty internet when you’re trying to stream Netflix or Skype with your family? Maybe the connection is just not fast enough for video calling? In all of the aforementioned cases, you are experiencing spotty internet which is simply not fast enough for streaming. This may very well be because too many devices are connected to your WiFi network.

If you are living away from your family and friends, do you know how frustrating it can be to video call and not get a good quality picture of your loved ones? Additionally, do you ever feel like the people who you are talking to could not see you very well because of the low-quality picture? We hear this a lot with our families when they use our devices to talk with others. Some say that it takes so long for them to see us. Perhaps too many devices are connected to their WiFi networks.

Do you have family who lives in a different state or even country than yourself and, therefore, gets to see them only when you’re able to talk over a video call? What about those moments when your loved ones tell you that the picture from your video call is coming through incredibly fuzzy on their end? And it feels like no matter what you do everything just keeps showing up blurry. It’s hard to find solutions for these problems but it’s important to be aware of them so that if they actually happen to you, then at least there will be something out there that can help. Solutions would include the following. Take a look at which devices are connected to your home Wifi network and make sure there aren’t any other culprits besides your routers that may fall under the “blurry/fuzzy” description. Interrupting this may resolve constant video calling connection issues!

2. Online Gaming

Did you know that the occurrence of nightmare sleep paralysis is more common than most people would suspect? Did you also know that during these intense episodes, 80% of individuals experience genuinely terrifying hallucinations? Just like a fictional example from the critically acclaimed game, Outlast, where players become tormented in a decrepit old asylum housing bloodthirsty inmates, real-life gamers who experience sleep paralysis may start to become afraid of turning off their computers for fear of waking up in another freaky setting. This can probably evoke imagery reminiscent of other video games including those by Rockstar Games. It’s important to understand that there is no need to be afraid and instead by educating yourself and taking care of your own health you will be less vulnerable to falling victim to sleep paralysis-related nightmares!

There are many online gamers in the world. After all, no one wants to lose a game and risk being shunned by other players who will think you bailed on them (especially if you like playing games such as DOTA2 or Fortnite that require fast internet speeds). Having a solid and consistent wifi connection allows you to not only enjoy your games without interruption but also without worrying about why your connection is suddenly slow again. This reliability makes all the difference in the world when it comes to maximizing your gaming experience.

Online gamers beware! While it’s fun to play video games with people all over the world, you could run into a few problems and challenges to which you may not be accustomed to. Are there many gamers who face similar challenges? Yes. If your internet is slow or goes missing when you’re in the middle of an amazing game, how would you ever be able to face your teammate again knowing that he/she thinks you left them high and dry? It’s safe to say that without a fast internet connection things can go very wrong (and quickly) if you’re part of an online gaming community!

3. Tools

In this world of endless communication with people all across the globe, productivity is something that every single one of us needs to ensure we’re maximizing our time as much as possible. That’s why tools like Grammarly and Copyscape are so vital to making sure what you put out into the wider world is something of your best quality. Unfortunately, one issue that tends to come up from time to time is that some online tools can be temperamental if your setup at home is already struggling with its connectivity. Make sure you have taken a good look at everything on your end so you can make it more secure not only for you but your entire team.

Many tools can be found online that are used to check for grammar and plagiarism. Grammarly is used by many professionals in the U.S. but it might not be functioning properly right now on your device, which can be a sign of too many devices being connected to one’s wireless internet connection at any given moment especially if other users are using the same connection. It’s important as a professional nowadays to make sure you check for grammar and spelling when you write because otherwise you could lose your credibility and people may think you’re unprofessional.

In case you’re wondering – and if you are, that’s good news! – it definitely is not necessary to use an online tool like Grammarly or Copyscape when writing your next business plan. In fact, there is honestly no need for anyone to use an online tool in the first place except perhaps if they are publishing a book. (And let’s be honest, who actually knows what Grammarly is?) The reason why there may be too many devices connected to your internet and why your online grammar tools are broken is because of too many people connecting to the same wi-fi signal, which could be something potentially problematic that you’ll want help fixing sooner rather than later so we encourage you to stop stressing out about this issue until we can help fix it on your behalf!

How To Explore

Okay, your internet is slow and there may be a chance that it might be acting that way because too many devices are connected to it. However, there can be many other reasons including but not limited to

Internet service providers or ISPs are responsible for sending and receiving information to your wireless or wired internet connection. So if you have subscribed to a certain phone company, you will most likely have their internet service provider as well – which is your primary medium of accessing the internet.


Okay, so you’ve come to realize that too many devices are connected to your network. What can you do about it?

We’ve all been there: you may be streaming a video on your iPad and then notice that someone is using your parent’s laptop and they’re watching YouTube. It would seem that they, like you, are enjoying the internet – but how come they’re not aware of what you’re doing at the moment?

Wrapping Up

In this article, we not only told you about the signs that meant there were too many devices connected to your internet; we also told you the way to investigate your network so as to be absolutely certain. Later on, we told you how to proceed in these kinds of situations – and hopefully, this article will help you fix whatever issues you may have with your internet speed and connection to ensure it is as quick as it can possibly be.

We told you about three ways to quickly confirm whether or not your internet speed is affected. Afterward, we showed you how to proceed if it is affected. We told you that the easiest way to correct whatever may be affecting your internet speed would be to restart your modem and router, but said that in some rare cases, more complex troubleshooting might be required before your internet speed reaches optimal levels.

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