How To Get More Followers On Twitter

According to a recent study, 52% of people on Twitter are more likely to be first adopters of new products.1 It makes sense really: when compared to other social channels like Facebook. Get more followers on Twitter is easier for brands and consumers alike to get in touch thanks to its unique ease of use and the 140-character limit that encourages engagement by encouraging brevity. By using this platform well, you not only reach so many new customers but also establish yourself as a trustworthy brand within your industry which will lead them to think of you whenever they need assistance in your niche.

So how can you gain organic Twitter followers more easily? Here are seven quick tips:

1. Share relevant and useful content

It’s important to share the right kinds of content on Twitter to attract and keep followers. If you’re not sure what your audience wants to see, use Twitter Analytics to learn which Tweets resonate most with your audience.

People come to Twitter to chat with like-minded people and interact with brands. They want to experience content that appeals to them at the same time, whether it’s about how best to sell products, tutorials on how something works, or even about current events which are involved in everyday life.

2. Post visual content

Visuals are very important to most people on Twitter nowadays. When you post an image or video in addition to the 140 characters of your Tweet, the internet is far more likely to engage with that tweet because they care more about what it looks like instead of taking the time to read it all in its entirety. As such, we recommend that you either include a visual or YouTube link in each of your tweets every once in and while just for one last little reminder about your account as well for them to see and learn a little bit more about what makes you who you are and why they should consider following you! Just have fun out there and make sure you’re standing out from the crowd!

Ninety-seven percent of people focus on visuals when it comes to the words they see on Twitter2, so adding media to your tweets gives them that added something extra. To make your content all the more appealing and memorable, add a vivid mix of images for people to stop and read.

3. Tweet consistently

To keep things flowing steadily, it’s likewise important to set a regular, reliable rhythm for the content you put out. Create a content calendar that suits your needs and outlines your posting schedule so as to see where things might be lacking or if a particular area can use some extra attention.

It’s important to have a rhythm, a routine that your audience can count on. Tweet ideas into our dedicated organic Tweets calendar and make sure you’re Tweeting during peak seasons and events.

4. Interact with others

Follow people on Twitter. Engage with thought leaders or influencers (or anyone, really) by retweeting their Tweets and replying to mentions of you or your business when you see them online to build engagement and loyalty. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, consider hiring a social media manager to help so that the right messaging is always coming through. These days, some entrepreneurs are even starting to use micro-influencers – everyday people who may not be celebrities or big names in the community but have a big enough audience by which they can influence purchasing decisions based on their recommendations.

Twitter is all about maintaining a connection. Whenever you have something to say, engaging with the community and staying true to your mission can help make such interactions just as impactful as that initial tweet was when you first started out. In fact, it’s a great idea to consider following several people whom you think will benefit from knowing more about your work/company as well as retweeting content that you find enlightening so long as it aligns with what you stand for!

5. Promote your @name everywhere you can

Make sure to get your brand out to the public! It is important as an entrepreneur that you do whatever you can to spread your brand far and wide, not just through social media, but also via more traditional means such as adding a follow button to your website and including links to your social profiles in newsletters and invitations. Make sure it’s included on all offline materials such as business cards or menus!

Get your brand out there as much as possible. Include a follow button on your website, include a link in your email signature and newsletters, etc.

6. Tap into your existing customer base

Did you know you can find existing customers on Twitter-based off on the emails in the addresses? Did they use to purchase something from your company? Simply upload any email lists that you might have and let your potential customers know that you’re available to talk to them on Twitter.

7. Run a followers campaign

To grow an organic following, consider running campaigns that deliver fresh, organic followers to your account. Unlike other providers, you won’t pay for any “fake” followers – or our service will be free! You can focus your efforts on promoting a tweet or your profile:

Organic Twitter account growth takes time, but it’s worth the investment. Promote your account to a targeted audience with Twitter followers campaigns and you will only pay when someone follows. After seeing your ad. Use boosts. When you need an initial acceleration in followers or as an always-on campaign to gradually increase your following over time. Experiment with different boost frequencies and amounts—always analyze results to optimize your efforts toward quality engagement over quantity.

Alongside growing organic followers, you can accelerate your growth by running the following campaign. Following campaigns allow you to promote your account to a targeted audience and you’ll only pay. When someone follows you after seeing your ad.

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