Free VPN to protect your privacy 2022

ProtonVPN is used by activists and journalists alike. We have no data or speed limits on our free plan, and we don’t collect any logs about your online activity – not even your email address. And since we’re based in Switzerland, you get additional privacy protections from some of the world’s strongest privacy laws. Use Free VPN to protect your privacy.

Our mission is to provide private and secured Internet access to all. Proton VPN is used by activists, journalists, and circumvention tools users all around the world.

VPN is committed to delivering secure and private Internet access to all. ProtonVPN protects you from cyber attacks, blocks data-hungry ads, and lets you securely access censored or blocked materials while keeping your IP address masked. With our free plan you get:

ProtonVPN’s mission is to provide a secure and private Internet connection. Our users are activists, journalists, and just regular people who value their privacy. They rely on ProtonVPN to help protect them while they’re online, in order to ensure that the information they share or access isn’t being monitored or recorded by anyone else other than them. We also offer a free subscription plan with the following features:

Our mission at ProtonVPN is to help protect all Internet users’ right to privacy online. We have just the right solution for you if you are looking for a private and secure way to access the open Internet. Both are free and premium services offer:

Internet security for everyone

Our goal is to make online privacy available to all. To do this, we have focused on making advanced security technology effortless to use and freely accessible. The highest quality product results from an intense dedication to unbridled excellence.

This is why we’ve put so much effort into making ProtonVPN as easy to use as possible – including features like our dedicated mobile VPN apps, browser extensions for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and compatibility with Windows and Mac platforms, and our ProtonMail secure email service.

Why we offer a free VPN

We provide a service to help secure your data and your identity which is something that everyone should be able to enjoy without any repercussions for doing so. Our free plans are essential in helping us reach our goal of providing all of our customers with the tools they need to protect their personal information from malicious attacks or mismanagement.

Privacy is no longer a luxury; it’s something that everyone should have. One way we at ProtonVPN believe users’ privacy rights can be upheld is by offering our free service to anyone who wants it. It protects you, your device, and your online activity from cybercrime, tracking, and even DDOS attacks. This plan doesn’t come with any hidden fees or billing surprises. You simply need to provide an email address in order to sign up for the service and download the software, or if you prefer you may use a phone number instead of an email address since we offer the possibility to sign up using this option as well.

What do you get by choosing ProtonVPN’s free plan?

By installing ProtonVPN on your Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android device, you can secure all of your internet traffic with encryption and make sure that third parties aren’t watching in on your online activity.

ProtonVPN provides users with free access to VPN servers in the United States and Japan. The ProtonVPN free plan negates intrusive logs for a completely anonymous user experience, with speeds that are roughly 30+% slower than paid accounts.

Easy to use

The best security tools in the world won’t protect you if they’re not used correctly and consistently. ProtonVPN has extensively simplified its interface to make it as intuitive as possible – so you can stay protected online, and hassle-free.

The strongest security tools in the world will only protect you if used correctly and consistently. This is why ProtonVPN has taken every possible step to ensure that our service is as intuitive as possible – so you can stay protected every day, hassle-free.

When it comes to online security and privacy, there is no such thing as too safe. ProtonVPN was designed with simplicity in mind so that you can stay protected even if you’re a beginner. The best security tools will be rendered useless if they are not used correctly or consistently enough. That is why we have made our interface as easy to use as possible so you can take care of your internet security without any hassle on YOUR part every day!

The best security tools in the world cannot provide you with total protection if they are not used correctly and consistently. We have extensively simplified our interface to make it as intuitive as possible – so you can stay protected every day, flawlessly.

“Like any tool, a good security system is only helpful if used correctly. ProtonVPN is designed to require less user input than competing VPNs. It’s simple to use – so you can stay protected with ease!

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