Does amazon deliver to PO boxes

Have you ever heard of Amazon? It’s an online retailer that sells many different products. There is free shipping for customers who use a PO Box as their shipping address. However, there are several rules regarding what items can be shipped to a PO box, and unfortunately, not all sellers will ship to a PO box either! We will talk about the pros and cons of using Amazon to ship to a PO box. Today I will define Does amazon deliver to PO boxes in this article.

Does Amazon Ship to PO Box?

Yes, Amazon ships to PO boxes in the U.S. However, there are some important things you need to keep in mind if you plan on doing so: First, not all shipping carriers will deliver to a PO box. The best way around this is to use General Delivery Mail. With this method of shipping items made available by Amazon and other websites, you can have your package delivered to a post office’s general delivery location and collect it from your local post office upon its arrival at the destination.

Yes, Amazon offers free two-day shipping on orders of $35 or more. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing items with this option. First, Amazon has several shipping carriers that may not deliver to PO Boxes.

How to Ship Amazon Packages to PO Box?

The next time you are looking to ship a package on Amazon, consider General Delivery Mail. It sends your order to a nearby mailbox for pickup. Here’s what you need to know about General Delivery Mail: – People use this service when they don’t have a permanent address or an address that is not acceptable by the Post Office – Travelers and RVers may also use this service, plus people who are moving or going through hard times might opt-in as well. – Unfortunately, the USPS doesn’t have a time limit on how long someone can receive mail at a post office unless its local postmaster sets limitations. – In addition, each piece of mail can only be held for up to 30 days because each local post office has limited space to hold your mail and packages.

Purchasing a PO Box may be the more inexpensive option for shipping your Amazon orders to Tulsa. To get this done, you’ll want to set up a General Delivery account where you’ll receive notifications when your mail arrives at the USPS location of your choice. The USPS will only hold onto your order for thirty days during which time you’ll need to pick up your mail. Or if mail is unclaimed in that amount of time, it will be delivered back to the sender or auctioned off (both if no one buys it). PO Boxes are designed as temporary mailing addresses but some people choose this longer-term alternative because they tend to stay put while they’re renting or reselling their home.

General Delivery address example:

Your Name

General delivery



Zip Code,

Although you did theoretically ship your parcel with Amazon, it’s very important to call your local post office to confirm that they offer general delivery services for packages. Many postal services will offer a specific form of mailbox loophole without additional fees or surcharges. For example, Canada Post will provide some of these services on behalf of La Poste.

Does Amazon Prime Deliver to PO Boxes?

Amazon Prime is able to deliver into post office boxes, however, you are still eligible for the free standard shipping. Free same-day delivery and two-day shipping are unavailable for people who reside in PO boxes.

Yes, Free Shipping with Amazon Prime is available for products purchased from Little Red Riding Towns AND you still have access to Free 2 Day Shipping. However, Amazon Prime benefits are only applied to items that can be shipped to a street address confirmed by USPS so if the address you confirm at checkout does not match the one available on your USPS mail that is delivered to your P.O Box, then you will not qualify for any of these shipping charges.

How to Fill Out Amazon Shipping Address with PO Box?

If you want to use your Post Office box or PO Box as your delivery address, then enter the number correctly when you’re prompted for your address at checkout. You will not be able to order products if you do not have a valid street address listed in your profile settings since Amazon cannot deliver to Post Offices.

To avoid delivery issues, it is important to use the correct mailing address when placing orders. Here’s how you ask Amazon to ship your purchases to your PO Box:

Access your Account

New User

Shipping Address

Address For PO Box

Complete Checkout

Why Won’t Amazon Ship to PO Box?

Amazon doesn’t ship to PO boxes. There are several reasons why

UPS Store

You can use a UPS store instead of the UPS Airlines network if you were not able to use the service for some reason (e. g. your package is too big). In this case, choose a UPS store as a reshipping address during checkout and inform the staff that you are willing to pick up your package on the delivery date yourself.

If you’re not a prime member or haven’t set up access to the Amazon Prime Locker Network, you can still receive your package by following these steps

If you’re unable to pick up your package during store hours, the 24-hour convenience store has an After Hours Pickup Service for after-hours pickup. You’ll receive a notification when the package is ready for you to claim. The 24/7 retail shop also offers a Locker Service for the weekend and late-night deliveries to your locker.

Neighbor or Friends House

You can now schedule a delivery to be made to an Amazon Locker. When you add the address to your order, make sure it is the same name as the person receiving the package.

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