Corporate Event Planning, How To Host A Memorable Event

Corporate events are known for their grandeur and impeccable planning. These events happen regularly around the world on different levels. 

Some events have a wider audience and different result expectations than others. Nevertheless, having a proper plan and strategy to host an event is vital. 

And now, with the rising popularity of social media, even formal events like corporate events are including social media promotions as a part of their marketing strategy. 

But that’s not all. There are many other factors that add up to creating a perfect corporate event. And in this blog, we will share with you a few captivating tips to host an incredible event. 

5 Tips To Host A Memorable Event 

There is a lot of effort that goes into planning an event and making it memorable for the audience. Event planners are actively looking for novel ways to come up with interesting ways to boost their numbers. 

Hosts nowadays are using various event management tools and social media channels to make their planning better because having a well-curated plan can help event hosts in achieving amazing results. 

Here are 5 effective tips you can follow to scale up your corporate event. 

1. Invite A Popular Speaker 

A great way to host a successful event is to add a source of entertainment to your event to boost engagement and interaction and the best way to do that during events is by inviting a popular guest to your event. 

You would be surprised to know that events with popular guests can attract 3x the amount of audience. You can base your event’s promotions on the guest’s appearance at your event.  

You can even leverage your guest’s social media presence to boost engagement and audience for your event and with the help of a social media aggregation and display tool, you can create a free social wall from your speaker’s content and display it on digital screens during your event. 

2. Host A Social Media Campaign 

Any event, be it a corporate event, a product launch, a musical concert, or a yearly meet-up. Events are supposed to be social affairs where hundreds and thousands of people come together to enjoy an experience. 

Hosting such social affairs is incomplete without including your audience on social media. You can host a UGC campaign and keep your audiences engaged both in-person and virtually. 

You can host a social media campaign on different social channels and then you can create a social media wall for your event to showcase all the aggregated content. Instagram walls run in real-time, so they can be a great addition to your event and a great tool to host live campaigns.

3. Come Up With A Unique Event Hashtag

Hashtags can be highly beneficial for events as they have the power to boost event visibility and popularity. 

boost event visibility

By coming up with a unique hashtag for your event, you can easily collect user-generated content from your event’s participants and also use the hashtag further for branding. 

Here are a few things to remember while coming up with an event-specific hashtag. Event hashtags should be easy to remember and unique. 

Having a unique and simple hashtag ensures that it only has content specific to the event, posted by the participants of the event. 

You can collaborate with influencers and content creators to push your event hashtag, and even use it for branding by introducing exciting goodies of the event. 

4. Showcase Industry-Related News

If you think about it, your most active audience during your event is the audience that is also most interested in your business’s industry. 

You can boost your event’s engagement drastically by showcasing industry-related news. It is a great way to keep your attendees interested and spark conversations. 

More so, interesting pieces of information can also boost event interaction and give your event some popularity on social media and help you make it to the news! 

If you are hosting a launch event for a fashion product or a finance conference, one of the best ways to mesmerize your participants is to give them exciting and exclusive news about the industry. 

5. Introduce A Theme 

Another really effective idea to make your event memorable, not just for the participants of the event but also to make sure it reaches out to more people is by introducing a theme. 

There are many events that take place on a global level such as Comic Con. People from all over the world participate in such events as they feel like they are a part of something bigger.

By introducing a specific theme, you can ensure event visibility and make your current event a great success, and lock in some participants for your future events. 


Events are changing greatly. Event organizers are seeking new ways to boost engagement and conversions from events. And now with the rise in the popularity of social media and more efficient event management and engagement tools, it has become even more tricky to make events stand out without a proper plan. 

In this blog, we have presented a few effective measures to include in your event planning strategy. We hope these tips will help. 

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