From Street Style to High Fashion: The Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

The Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

You may not think of Utah as a hub for fashion, but the state is home to some of the best fashion bloggers in the country. These ten women are killing it with their street style, high fashion, and everything in between.

What Is Fashion Blogging?

So you may be wondering, what is fashion blogging? Fashion blogging is a genre of blogging that centers around fashion and lifestyle topics.

Bloggers often share outfit photos and styling tips, while some also delve into more personal topics like beauty and travel. The great thing about fashion blogging is that it’s a great way to get inspired and learn about new trends.

There are a ton of great fashion bloggers out there, but we’ve compiled a list of the best ones in Utah. Keep reading to see who made the cut!

Style Tips From the Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

Style Tips From the Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

Take a cue from the Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah and you’ll be looking good in no time!

These bloggers know their fashion, and they’re not afraid to share their style tips with the world. Whether you’re into street style or high fashion, these bloggers have you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Start following these bloggers today and learn how to put together outfits that will make you look and feel your best.

How to Start Your Own Fashion Blog

So you want to start your own fashion blog? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Figure out your style. What do you want your blog to be about? Vintage fashion? Street style? High fashion? When you know what you want to blog about, it’ll be easier to come up with a style that represents you.
  2. Find your voice. Don’t try to copy other bloggers—be yourself. Let your personality shine through in your writing, and people will start to recognize your blog as one of their favorites.
  3. Shoot great photos. This is essential if you want people to take your blog seriously. Invest in a good camera and learn how to take photos that will make your outfits look their best.
  4. Get social. Share your posts on social media, and engage with other bloggers and readers. The more involved you are, the more people will come back to check out your blog.

What to Wear in Utah’s Various Seasons

What to Wear in Utah's Various Seasons

If you’re ever wondering what to wear in Utah, you’re in luck. Because we have four very distinct seasons, each with their own unique set of fashion challenges (and opportunities!).

In the winter, it’s all about layering. You’ll want to dress in lots of warm, comfortable clothes that can easily be mixed and matched. A coat, scarf, and hat are a must, as is a good pair of boots.

In the summer, it’s all about keeping cool. Loose-fitting clothing is the order of the day, as is plenty of sunscreen and sunglasses. Be sure to pack a light jacket or sweater too, just in case the temperature drops at night.

Springtime is transitional season in Utah, so it can be tricky to dress for. But we suggest sticking with light layers and comfortable shoes—you’ll probably be doing a lot of walking outdoors!

And finally, fall. This is our favorite season in Utah, because the weather is perfect for dressing up. Think cozy sweaters, colorful scarves, and stylish boots.

How to Style Utah’s Iconic Pieces

If you want to know how to style Utah’s iconic pieces—from the puffer coat to the maxi dress—then you need to follow the best fashion bloggers in Utah.

These ladies know how to take a piece and make it their own. They have a unique sense of style that’s all their own, and they’re not afraid to experiment. So whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration or just some great ideas for your next outfit, these bloggers are worth following.

The Best Places to Shop for Fashion in Utah

Best Places to Shop for Fashion in Utah

So where do you go to stay ahead of the trends and get the best fashion advice in Utah? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite places to shop for fashion in Utah:

  1. The Fashion Place
  2. City Creek Center
  3. Park City
  4. Trolley Square
  5. Gateway Mall
  6. Ogden City
  7. Provo Towne Center
  8. Sandy City
  9. St. George


When it comes to fashion, Utah has a lot to offer. And we’re not just talking about the Sundance Film Festival. These ten fashion bloggers are serving up style that’s both street-inspired and high fashion-approved.

So whether you’re looking for outfit ideas for your Next night out or just some general fashion inspiration, these bloggers have you covered.

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