How to choose the best phone to reach you

I understand that it’s hard to make a choice between the iPhone 7 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S8. If you really want the best phone to reach you. But there are a few things to keep in mind. I’m not saying an Apple fanboy can’t make a good suggestion.

It’s not rational to argue over which is better (the iOS/iPhone or Android). Instead say how you need something that can handle e-mails as well as presentations, news articles, apps, and more besides. The simple truth is that both phones are amazing. That said, each offers different features such as bigger screens, stylus pens, waterproof designs, and more!

I don’t care if an iPhone or Android phone is better. There’s no such thing as one is clearly better than the other! It’s all a matter of preference.

That’s not about choosing the best technology; it’s picking a side based on who you like or what shops sell those devices. If you have to choose between an iPhone and an Android. Take some time to read unbiased reviews by people. Who didn’t get paid by either company or their affiliates to make them?

Choosing a phone can be tough. I’m not going to pretend otherwise. You have to balance the positives of one device against the other, and ultimately(that is unless you want to break your contract). You have to pick which yet-to-be-invented tech giant or consortium you want your loyalty to lie with for at least the next two years or so.

I just want everyone out there deciding on their new smartphone line-up this holiday season (or before if they pirate apps) to do so wisely. Especially those of you in techy industries who seem to have a very strong side when it comes to defending either Apple or Android products and mostly seem ready to leap down anyone else’s throats who don’t share their same perspective. (Just go for a Galaxy Note II! It’ll be fun.). Today I will tell you the best phone to reach you

Easy to use

“People love to say that Apple products just work.” It sure is true that iOS has a nice, user-friendly interface. But so does Android too! In fact, if you can use one, you won’t have trouble using the other. If select the best phone to reach you then check some functions.

Today, the mobile phone user experience is much better than it was years ago. Not only is it far more intuitive, but it’s also easier for iPhone and Android users to navigate around the user interface or GUI. For example, Apple has made their phones simpler to use and Android phones have made a number of features available that make accessibility easier for everyone. The comparison today between the two platforms would be winning over developers

Fit, finish, and price

Smartphones are beautiful. Some OEMs do a great job with the design and features on their phones, but others leave much to be desired.

iPhones are beautiful. Thank you, Jony I’ve. Ugly Android phones are easy to spot, too – they’re generally all plastic with bloatware and bad design, so we can confidently say that the top-of-the-line Samsung S22+ and the Google Pixel 6 Pro are every bit as attractive as the iPhone 13.

Sure, Apple makes sure iPhones have a great fit and finish by controlling every step of manufacturing but by picking Samsung or Google you’re also certain to get a top-quality product that doesn’t fall apart easily either!

Closed vs open systems

The iPhone remains an open-source project. If you don’t want anything in your pocket that you can’t get from Apple, then be my guest! However, keep in mind that you will always and forever be locked into the Apple software ecosystem as long as you own an iPhone.

So when Apple fights with Epic games over how to pay for their game, Fortnite, your ability to buy or play that game is sharply limited because they’re both competing with each other on different software platforms. And unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to move from a company that makes proprietary software over to an open-source platform based on Android, which is far more accepting of alternative applications.

One of the best things about Android is that you can replace core pieces of the operating system and still maintain functionality. You can replace the entire basic interface with a custom one if you want, too – or just download apps like Facebook and WhatsApp from outside the Play Store. There’s an immense amount of freedom to be had when using an open-source platform.


When it comes to security, we’re not hoping to instill fear or make you feel like your device is going to break without fail after you install some form of malware. It’s important to note that both iPhone and Android (the largest smartphone OS platform) have their problems in regards to keeping their users secure. 

However, we’re not here to point fingers at one or the other because ultimately we all want better security for us and for our devices! While Google Play does do a good job of regulating what apps are allowed on their platform, iPhones are perhaps still more prone to being hacked than Androids due to the fact that malware can sometimes make its way onto iTunes where people often prefer purchasing apps solely. Security fit mobile is best phone to reach you.

This potentially opens up a huge window of opportunity for hackers who then upload these apps later on to the Google Play store where they remain hidden until someone downloads them by mistake and their phone is compromised.

When it comes to security, we don’t believe that one needs to worry. When it comes down to it, iOS and Android are essentially the same when it comes to security, because at the end of the day they both use different versions of the same Linux operating system – namely Android. The difference is in how much Apple vets apps before allowing them into their app store as opposed to how much Google vets theirs.

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