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Andrea Chong is a fashion blogger and travel blogger. She’s currently living it up in Seoul and regularly posts pictures on her Instagram. Her blog is full of personal insights about her travel experiences as well as tips for nailing the perfect Seoul selfie. In this travel blog post, Andrea Chong shares some of her favorite places in Seoul. so, Andrea Chong fashion travel lifestyle blog has great blogger.

One of the most beautiful places in Seoul is Buk chon Hanko village. The place is so beautiful, it’s hard to believe it’s real. All the houses are well maintained and look like they’ve come right out of a fairy tale. The village also has shops, restaurants and cafes.

I love many things about my job, from travelling and taking pictures, to writing about my experiences. But the best part is sharing my photos and stories with readers. I’m often asked how I got started blogging and working in the fashion industry. The short answer is that I’ve always wanted to do something creative that also involved travel. So, three years ago after graduation, I started blogging. A year later, I got my first job in fashion. It’s been an amazing ride since then including many trips around the world to southeast Asia, Europe, and more – all places I’ve always dreamed of visiting.

Andrea Chong Lifestyle Blog: Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Travel and More

Andrea Chong is a lifestyle and fashion blogger whose blog serves as a reflection of her many interests, including but not limited to: style, beauty, travel, and more. Fashion and beauty are passions of hers, and she loves to travel. Her blog also provides readers with a glimpse into her life as a working mom who still manages to have a full life outside of work.

5 things to know about Andrea Chong

1.A fascinating combination of beauty, brains and brawn

Andrea is an interesting person. Not only is she a social media influencer and literature undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University, but she is also a certified scuba diver, life saver, and taekwondo black belt. She truly is a beauty with brains and impressive accomplishments.

2.Fashion with an edge

Andrea was a model for some time, and she always felt a bit pigeonholed into the “kawaii girl” persona. She started her blog as a way to show her readers that she was more than just a one-dimensional character. The producer of her show on F Word also encouraged her to have her own platform, which gave her the extra push she needed.

3.She emceed for Victoria Beckham’s showcase

Andrea is no stranger to the media. She has been featured in reputable publications such as Nylon Japan and Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. After her successful fashion episode-series That F word, she emceed for Victoria Beckham’s exclusive showcase at marina bay sands.

4.Be inspired by her travel escapades

Andrea does her fashion photoshoots in Singapore, but she also incorporates travel elements into her posts. She believes that the millennial woman today is an individual who isn’t afraid to explore various parts of the world and experience new things.

5.The girl who never sleeps

Blogging isn’t a typical day job, which is why Andrea is always working hard, no matter where she is or what time it is. She writes while she’s travelling, on weekends, and even all night if she has to. Passion and commitment are two important factors in sustaining a successful blog, and Andrea loves what she does, so she gives it her all.


Andrea Chong is a well-known fashion and lifestyle blogger, with a degree in literature from Nanyang Technological University. She started her blog, Dear Chong, in 2013 and has gained hundreds of thousands of fans across multiple platforms writing about design, street style, and travel.

Andrea Chong Net Worth

Google has estimated that by 2022, Andrea Chong will be worth between $1 and $5 million. This is up from an estimated net worth of $100,000 to $1 million in 2021. Chong’s primary source of revenue is from blogging. Specific details about her monthly or annual salary are not available at this time.

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