All lightsaber colors and meanings canon

The mythos of the “Star Wars” galaxy is powered by lightsabers. The well-known laser swords of George Lucas’ galaxy much, far. The sophisticated tool of the Jedi (as well as a fave of cosplayers). They make woo-woo-whoosh noises courtesy of audio designer Ben Burtt. They stab, thaw steel, punctured limbs as well as torsos, or deflect gun bolts. George Lucas developed them as defensive weapons efficient in batting away lasers, befitting the peacekeeping methods of the Jedi, protectors of the galaxy as well as disciples of the Force. Check All lightsaber colors and meanings canon.

Yes, they’re great, however, their spiritual definition to their customers is not to be trifled with. At the heart of the lightsaber is the kyber crystal, a sentient channel of the Force. When a Force-wielder places it right into their lightsaber hilt, the Force-attuned kyber will connect with them. Thus, the lightsaber plasma beam of light materializes a shade that stands for the customer’s obligation and also a relationship to the Force, be it chaos or equilibrium.


Blue is the color of the sky and water and also is one of the most common colors of the Jedi lightsabers. It is the very first lightsaber beamed onscreen in “A New Hope. ” Obi-Wan Kenobi presents it as “Not as clumsy or arbitrary as a gun, a sophisticated tool for an extra civilized age. ” The old Jedi’s words uncompromising their association with control and also accuracy, something that young Luke Skywalker needs to understand with patience throughout the initial trilogy. The shade blue develops a striking contrast when Obi-Wan Kenobi’s blue blade strikes Darth Vader’s red saber.

In the non-canon “Knights of the Old Republic” video game, blue signifies a combative Jedi Guardian who applies the Force to a physical degree. In “Rebels,” Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger are also known as approved wielders of the blue blade.

Sith– blue blade versus red blade. Then, the “Star Wars” galaxy broadened as well as discovered a myriad of lightsaber colors on the light side range.


Next to blue, environment-friendly is a common color for the Jedi lightsaber. Qui-Gon Jinn, as well as Master Yoda, are widely known wielders of an eco-friendly lightsabers.

The very first green lightsaber seen onscreen is Luke Skywalker’s replacement lightsaber in “Return of the Jedi,” built after he loses his inherited blue saber. From a technical viewpoint, green was a functional hue. According to Lucasfilm Tale Group imaginative executive Pablo Hidalgo, Luke’s 2nd saber was expected to be blue yet it would have mixed with heaven sky. Eco-friendly was an extra striking color versus the skies as well as Tatooine sands. “As high as we such as to mythologize why it’s environment-friendly and also what that all symbolizes,” Hidalgo stated, “often there are really pragmatic filmmaking factors behind these things.” That claimed, it is not thematically unnatural that Luke Skywalker would wind up creating a green blade after losing his blue one considering that environment-friendly represents growth and also restoration. This symbolism includes Ezra Bridger’s 2nd eco-friendly lightsaber after he breaks his blue lightsaber.

The non-canon “Knights of the Old Republic” attracted differences between blue as well as green. 


In the days of the Old Republic, the double-bladed yellow lightsaber was the weapon of the robed as well as masked Jedi Temple Guards. These guards would stay behind to defend the Jedi Temple from hazards while Jedi Knights and masters ventured on dangerous objectives far from home. Their masks are the best expression of psychological detachment.

While yellow may symbolize detachment for the guards, the color thinks different nuances for individual customers. At the end of the follow-up trilogy, Rey (currently proclaiming herself a Skywalker) builds a gold lightsaber. It represents her carrying the torch of the Jedi legacy while creating her own course. She has actually achieved equilibrium in the Force. Furthermore, Ahsoka Tano possessed a gold shoto lightsaber (a lightsaber with a reduced blade) to choose her eco-friendly lightsaber. 


White is a fascinating and uncommon hue for lightsabers. At once, Ahsoka Tano had 2 blue lightsabers, offered to her by her former master, Anakin Skywalker when she allied with (but did not rejoin) the Jedi cause to capture Darth Maul in “The Duplicate Wars.” Master Skywalker wanted to recognize that she has actually expanded past the Jedi Temple, yet he provided her with a color that’s common to Jedi sabers and also still represented her loyalty to the light side. In the subsequent occasions of E.K. Johnston’s unique, “Ahsoka,” she constructs a set of white lightsabers from the red kyber crystals of an Inquisitor’s ruined sabers. Their color originates from the purification of the reddened crystals.

White as well as its organization with filtration pairs completely with Ahsoka, a Force-user who has gone through symbolic deaths and also rebirths that include leaving the Jedi Temple. At the end of “The Duplicate Battles,” she’s cloaked in messy white which shows just how the battle tainted her. However at the end of “Rebels,” she births a pure white cape after she roams via the Sith-constructed Malachor. White is Ahsoka Tano’s famous color.


Red stands for a river of craze and blood. As detailed in the “Celebrity Wars” unique “Ahsoka” by E.K. Johnston, enthusiasts of the dark side do not have a relaxed Force link to the kyber crystal like the Jedi. They need to compel the crystals to help them. This “bleeds” the crystal, creating it to turn blood red.

Famous red blade wielders consist of Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, the Inquisitors, and also the Knights of Ren. Adherents of the dark side have a tendency to obtain innovation with their styles (sorry, you boring light siders). “Star Wars: Visions” likewise shows red kybers fashioned right into a parasol-like saber.

 Nevertheless, it fits his infantile character.


Unlike red, black is much from negative when it concerns lightsabers. The flat-bladed, unique Darksaber births a complicated and also fabled history. If the unusual purple and white lightsabers are made famous by their specific users, the Darksaber is remarkable because of its several Mandalorian and also Jedi masters.

“Duplicate Battles” overseeing director Dave Filoni conceptualized the suggestion of a distinct Mandalorian-made lightsaber with a black blade.  The hilt of the dark bear proudly signifies the Mandalorian hands that built it equally as the kyber represents Tarre’s loyalties to the Jedi Order. Mandalorian tales tell that it was a sign of unity in Tarre Vizsla’s grasp. Nonetheless, its objective of resolving two apparently paradoxical cultural heritages was damaged. When Tara passed away, the Jedi took possession of the Darksaber, yet it was swiped (or in the words of the Mandalorians, “freed”) in a raid by House Vizsla. In the hands of Tarre’s offspring, Pre Vizsla, the Darksaber is a Jedi awesome. 

The Darksaber remains a symbol of Mandalorian leadership. Custom dictates that it can be won in a reasonable battle from its current wielder. A relic and a functional blade, its possession is continuously in dispute as well as its purpose in change.


If blue and also green are the typical colors of Jedi lightsabers, why does Jedi Master Mace Windu obtain a purple one? The behind-the-curtain answer is that star Samuel L. The purple saber permitted Jackson to choose himself out in a crowd of green and blue Jedi lightsabers in the First Battle of Geonosis in “Assault of the Clones.”

Mace’s one-of-a-kind purple blade provided “Celebrity Wars” followers the certificate to go crazy with theories. Red, as well as blue, make purple, so it appears that Mace Windu’s blade includes a balance of the light and dark sides of the Force. The shade Purple is a testament to Windu’s standing as a Jedi that drifts dangerously near to the dark side without catching it.  So purple is an unusual sensation but not unique to Mace Windu.

Because of his direct exposure to the Sith’s methods, he admits his susceptibility to the dark side. Purple explicitly signifies Homen straddling the line between the dark as well as light.


Ripe for follower theories concerning their significance, orange lightsabers appear in the canon video game “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” as an adjustable shade selection for gamers. A Jedi Consular, Yaddle was famous for her diplomatic heart as well as devotion to peacekeeping. It can be guessed that Jedi who possesses such sabers rarely ever spark them. Therefore making the sight of an orange blade an uncommon incident.

The unique “Master as well as Apprentice” has Obi-Wan Kenobi brandishing an orange lightsaber in canon– sorta. The orange color had not been created by a kyber crystal yet by a kohlen crystal, which is, according to Master Qui-Gon Jinn, basically “fool’s kyber.” Yet, kohlen crystals have similar resonances in the Force as kyber crystals and have the capability to power handy guards and also weapons. In the unique, Kenobi swaps the kyber in his lightsaber’s hilt for a kohlen. He places the resulting orange blade to great usage against kohlen-powered shields that a kyber-fueled lightsaber couldn’t pass through.


Technically, all kyber crystals begin as colorless before a Jedi bonds them with their lightsaber. That brings us to the “Star Wars: Visions” non-canon brief, “The Ninth Jedi.  Anime director Kenji Kamiyama toyed with the “Star Wars” folklore to include clear-bladed lightsabers in an era eons after the sequel trilogy.

In canon, lightsabers keep their respective colors whether they land in the hands of Sith or Jedi. Nevertheless, in Kamiyama’s creative vision, lightsabers will certainly think of a color that discloses the customer’s ethical alignment. If they’re Sith, the blade reddens in their hold. If they abide by the light side, it glows blue. Sabers can transform purple for somebody that walks the line between light as well as darkness. For somebody with unknown loyalty and link to the Force, their blade will certainly come out clear as in Kara’s instance. When she showed herself to be a Jedi in combat, her blade glowed blue as a signal of her maturing Force connection. A lightsaber’s ability to reveal its user’s nature turned out to be convenient for uncovering unsafe burglars while reconstructing the Jedi Order.

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